Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Vern Attacks Movies on Impassioned Cinema.


Hello movie lovers of young and old.  I wanted to take a real brief moment and introduce you  to a new site that I have the honor and privilege of writing for these last few months.  The site is called Impassioned Cinema and it's run by Max Covill.  His site features a lot of great reviews of movies from different genres and years.  He also writes fascinating articles on film festivals and conventions.  Plus he also has some great videos in his section called VOTW(video of the week).

My contribution to this site is a little feature called "When Movies Attack".   Every few weeks I will be focusing on two movies that share the same premise, but the actual stories are very different from each other.  Every article will have a short synopsis of each contestant/movie.  A list of their similarities,and their differences.  Followed closely with a statement by yours truly as to what I think is a better picture.

Here is a brief list of what I wrote so far.  You can find more links to these articles later this month in the Bonus Feature section on the top right of this blog.  Thanks for reading.

The Hunger Games Vs. Battle Royale

Mirror Mirror Vs. Snow White and The Huntsman

Kick Ass Vs. Super

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