Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 08/11/2012

Here we are, face to face...  I'll stop right there, but if you know the T.V. show I'm referencing I will give you some really super cool points and mention you on next week's edition.   As for news about me, I have found a really great job that pays really well, but it doesn't start until September.  It was supposed to start in August, but the company is still missing some training materials and some computer programs.  So that means I get to spend more time with you lovely people.

Speaking of lovely people, the articles featured below are performed or written by some really talented folks.  Please check them out.

Kevyn Knox over at The Most Beautiful Fraud in The World writes about the ten most influential directors.

"I'm a big bright shining star",  Sam Fragoso of Duke and The Movies looks back at Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights".

Max at ImpassionedCinema covers the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Past Frostbite Falls Minnesota, we find Shala of Life Between Films covering the Toronto International Film Festival.

And now let's get on to the flicks.

The Bourne Legacy.

When I first heard that they were going to do another one of these movies without Matt Damon, my immediate response was, "Really a Reboot, Already."  But, in this latest adventure, we find Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) a man with great fighting skills, being hunted by Government agents because he shares something in common with Jason Bourne from the previous movies.  I loved all three Bourne movies and am curious at how this new storyline will do.  This is the first time Tony Gilroy has directed a movie in this series, but he has written all of them, so I am very confident he will do a good job.

The Campaign.

Two political leaders (Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis) go head to head in this comedy from the director of "Austin Powers: Goldmember".   The trailer of this looks pretty funny and I laughed a lot.  I'm just worried that all of the good jokes will have been used on this ad, because the story itself does not look all that interesting.  You could replace two candidates with two men trying to get a job promotion or two guys trying to woo the same girl and the end result would be the same.

2 Days in New York.

This sequel to the 2006 movie "2 Days in Paris" looks really good and, in my opinion, even better.  Chris Rock replaces Adam Goldberg as the love interest to Julie Delpy, and from what I have seen in the trailer, I like their chemistry more.  The first one was very well done and I think Miss Delpy is a great screenwriter and director.  It felt like another version of "Before Sunrise/ Sunset", but without Ethan Hawke.  "2 Days in New York" feels like there is an original voice behind it all and I'm really excited to see this.

Hope Springs.

Meyrl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones go to a retreat to help rekindle their sex life.  Many of you are going to stop reading based on that synopsis alone, but I assure you nothing graphic will be shown during this movie.  In fact, nothing too risque will be talked about much either.  Oh, I'm sure there will be tons of sexual innuendo throughout the whole movie, but I highly doubt this movie will have an honest discussion about sex.  If it did, the movie would not receive the PG-13 rating.

Red Hook Summer.

This new comedy from director Spike Lee focuses on the relationship between a preacher and his grandson in the housing projects in Brooklyn.  The cast is filled with unknowns and I like the performances that they are giving.  I just don't know what the story is supposed to be about.

Have a great weekend.  I will be back on Monday with my late review of "Savages".


  1. Glad you enjoyed my review of Boogie Nights. Thank you for the link, and I'm deeply sorry for not coming on the cast today.

    I really wanted to catch up and talk with you guys. Hit me up on Skype sometime and we'll chat.

    1. Not a problem Sam. You have some really good reviews and articles on your site. The Battle Royale episode went well, but man I failed at Last Lamb Standing. Thanks for commenting, we'll talk soon.