Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Movie Review: Killer Joe

Killer Joe

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Juno Temple

Writer: Tracy Letts

Director: William Friedkin

*** and a 1/2*'s out of four.

A young man (Emile Hirsch) wants to collect his mother's life insurance policy early and hires an assassin named Joe (Matthew McConaughey) to kill her.  Not being able to come up with an initial deposit, the young man offers his younger sister (Juno Temple) to be the retainer.  From the trailer you can very well expect that nothing is going to go as planned for these hapless criminals.  Yet, that didn't bother me, because I was fully into this flick right from the start.

"Killer Joe" is way out there and it's understandable why it got the NC-17 rating.  At the same time, it's also lots of fun - crazy fucked up fun - but still fun.  Mr. McConaughey puts on an amazing performance, because he is very, very creepy.  I will never look at fried chicken the same way again.

The only thing that may turn people off, besides the heavy violence, is the very end.  For me, it was too abrupt.


  1. The cast is very good (especially McConaughey, who has never been scarier) and features plenty of dark and tense moments that keep this film alive and awake, just when you think it’s going to lose it’s steam by talking too much. Then again, it is based on a play so you can kind of see where they would get all of the talking from in the first place. Nice review Vern.

  2. Thanks Dan. I plan to show this flick to just about everyone to see their reactions.

    I would be curious to see this play performed live.

  3. Really can't wait to see this one, sounds like my kind of movie and McConaughey is really on fire this year!

    1. It is intense. The NC-17 rating is deserved, but we need more A list stars and Studios to make and release these kinds of movies. Joss Whedon needs to make one and tell Disney that he won't direct a sequel to "The Avengers" until this one gets released.