Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Night of Horror with The Vern: Halloween:(Extended Version) & Rec.

Last night I decided to take a look at two horror classics.  There is no doubt that both of these films will, now and forever, be hailed as two of the best horror movies of all time.  If you have not seen either one, I highly suggest you seek them out immediately.

Halloween: (Extended Version) 1978

Every year in October, I gotta watch this movie.  Just like every year in December, I gotta watch "Die Hard".  For me, the holiday doesn't begin until I hear those little piano chords.  It's almost like hearing Jingle Bells, for me.  This movie terrified me as a kid and, even with me knowing where all the scares are coming from, the whole mood and tone of the picture is still very creepy.  There are moments where Michael Myers' face just appears and it freaks me out.  Also, I found the whole beginning scene to be very disturbing.  A six-year-old boy murders his sister for no reason.  There is no explanation of why, or why he wants to do it again.  Most horror movies try to give their monsters some sort of back story, but not "Halloween".  It is much scarier without knowing any real reason why horrible things happened.  Michael gets no excitement or pleasure from killing his victims.  It's just something he does as normally as walking.  When the film was shown on network TV, additional scenes were shot to help fill out the long running time.  These sections include an interview with Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) arguing with the medical board for transferring Michael Myers to a minimum security ward instead of a federal prison.  Another scene has Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) at her house with Lynda (P.J. Soles).  These scenes were not entirely important, but they did give me more insights into these characters and made me have a little bit more empathy for them.  I have also noticed that in this version we get more of a sense of Laurie's sexual frustration and somewhat isolation from her friends.  When The Shape begins stalking her and hanging outside her classroom, she is scared, but also a little bit interested at who the mysterious person following her is.  Being that she is a virgin, these might be the first thoughts of sex she had in a while.  Now, I'm not saying that she wants to have sex with violent criminals, but I don't doubt that danger does excite her a little.  I believe it's these thoughts she has about wanting sex that cause her to be become the hunted.  But, these sort of thoughts are left for another longer post.

Rec:  2007.

General audiences will say the only two good found footage movies that helped raise the bar are "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity".  Both of them alone are very well done and extremely effective.  However, it would be very disrespectful to not mention one movie that highly belongs in that sub-genre and that would be "Rec".  This one uses the whole docustyle premise to great effect.  Not only does the camera move more then most of "PA", but it's not as jagged and jumpy as "The Blair Witch".  The story has a camera crew follow some firemen into a building where a tenant is trapped.  They, too, become trapped by the government and are told that a virus has broke out and is infecting everyone, turning them all into flesh eating monsters.  The whole one camera technique works great, because you are not prepared for when the scares come.  In most horror films you can sort of anticipate when the jumps are going to come at you, but not in this one.  You can maybe block your eyes from one scare, but another one will be just mere seconds away.  This is very effective all the way to the end and it gave me a lot of frights.  The only thing that bugged me about this movie was the lead character Angela (Manuela Velasco).  She says some of the stupidest shit ever.  In one key scene, they are listening to a tape of a man saying that he must seal up the room and perform a ritual to kill this demon and she replies that she doesn't understand what he's saying.  Bitch, you just heard the damn tape.  You know what he said.  Stop acting so stupid.  Also, in another scene, her camera man is risking his life trying to get video of the Government treating the infected.  He is trying to concentrate and not expose where they are and all she can do is yell and ask what is going on.  Still, her performance is much better then Jennifer Carpenter's in the horrible remake "Quarantine".   If you say that they are both the same movie, it's obvious you have not seen "Rec".  I can't wait to check out part 2.


  1. REC is my fave horror ever!! And No 2 is equally as good. Shame the same cannot be said for 3!!

    Great write ups matey

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment sir. I still plan on seeing all three Rec movies sometime soon.

    2. I think 3 still has something to offer and even though it didn't fully work, I like to see them trying something different and trying to move the series forward, unlike the recent paranormal 4 which to a huge step backwards.

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