Wednesday, October 10, 2012

As You Watch: Ep 7 & Out Now with Aaron and Abe.

 I am damn lucky to be a part of The As You Watch Crew.  My Cohosts and I try our hardest at putting together a fun show, and this one by far is the funnest one we have done so far.  Bubbawheat sadly had to miss out, because he was moving, but we were joined by Sarah and Andrew Keck of Two Tickets For, and they joined in with Nick, Joe, and Myself to talk about our top 3 favorite films directed by the lead actor/actress.  This then lead into our main discussion of Woody Allen's "Match Point"

Head on over to The Cinematic Katzenjammer's site to read the full synopsis and listen to the show.

As You Watch Episode 7:  "Match Point"

For contributing to Liz Manashil's Kickstarter campaign.  I won a spot on the show, Out Now with Abe and Aaron.  For this episode myself along with Maxwell Hadded and our two hosts discussed Tim Burton's  black and white stop motion feature "Frankenweenie".  It was a fun show to record, but my voice sounds awful in this.  I feel like I'm stuck in a box and only certain sounds can get out, but maybe I'm over exaggerating.

Still a lot of fun. So click below to read the full synopsis, and listen to the show.

Out Now with Aaron and Abe: Episode 76