Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As You Watch: Episode 10: A Horror Tournament for Halloween.

It was a dark and stormy night as the As You Watch brigade made it's way in to the lair of the unwanted.  Our mission was to ask one of  it's co hosts to play a horror tournament so that we can obtain the gold from the demon Shenku.   The person we sleeked out was  Jason Soto who mastered The Invasion of the B Movies and knew a thing or two about the horror genre.  When we mentioned about Shenku, Jason immediately picked up his bags and walked towards outside.  Apparently he too has a score to settle with the demon as well.

Once we found a nice open spot in a graveyard.(as the demon requested).   Your humble narrator, The Vern, followed by Nick, Joe, Bubbawheat all sat in a circle while the guest Jason had to sit in the middle.  We all grabbed out Skype gear and proceeded with thew tournament.

To hear what happened next.   Click on the words in red below.

AS YOU WATCH: Episode 10


Opening.  Meet the guest.  0:00

Horror Tournament: Round 1  8:35

Horror Tournament: Round 2    33:24

Horror Tournament:  Round 3. The Revenge    39:57

The Future of Horror Movies.  1:26:49

Battle of Wits  1:32:52

Closing  1:40:07.

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  1. Hello mate,since your into horror movies and i valuate ur opinion,there is a brand new horror movie with jennifer lawrence.."House at the end of the Street"....would it be possible for you to make a post with your critic about it so i know if its wiorth while?
    I mean the movie itself,cause jennifer we all know she is....

    1. I heard nothing but bad things about that movie, mate. I love Jennifer Lawrence and all, but that is one movie I don't want to see. Looking forward to seeing her in Silver Linings Playbook. I hope you do a post of her on your blog.

    2. OH i will..some stunning new 2012 pics just surfaced and i will as soon as possible...meanwhile she isn t doing that good on my poll for most sexy 2012 but then again when ur facing olivia wilde,megan fox,kate beckinsale,scarlett johansson amongst others it aint mate