Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As You Watch Episode 8: Primal Fear

Greetings everyone out there in movie land.

It is I your ever beloved narrator, The Vern.  Here to bring to you the next exciting chapter in the continuing adventures of the As You Watch crew.   Nick from Cinematic Katzenjammer and Joe from Two Dude Review had to rescue me from certain doom when I got tricked by a witch who at the time reminded me a lot of Cameron Diaz when she was in"The  Mask". She suckered me to come with her, and then I got trapped in her dungeon.   Bubbawheat  was going to rescue me, but he had to make sure his wife and child were safely moved out of harm's way, and so he left.

After the rescue, us three continued on our journey where we met up with Max of Impassioned Cinema, and Dave of Dave Examines Movies at a local pub.  Feeling a bit haggled and extremely thirsty.  We all decide to grab some frosty ale and converse about the movies.

To hear our discussions   Click  below

As You Watch: Episode 8.


Opening Theme(Crazy World by The Jelly Project) and Intro: 0:00

Meet The Guests Max and Dave  : 1:57

DVD Talk:   9:10

Theatrical Releases:   16:36

Top 3 Actors That Deserve an Oscar:  33:33

Feature Film: Primal Fear    1:10:22

Battle of the Wits: Trivia Edition   1:28:29

Max and Dave are also filmmakers and have each directed their own film.  Click on each title to see the full movie.

Light and Dust: Directed by Max Covill

Buck and Drake The Search for Spooks:  Directed by Dave Gilliand