Tuesday, October 23, 2012

As You Watch Episode 9: The Prestige.

Ahoy there Mateys.  It is I your humble and dear narrator, The Vern.  Onward with my As You Watch Crew as we continue our quest down the Cinema Nyle river.  Bubbawheat has sent a postcard letting us know that he is safe with his family, but will rejoin our quest very shortly.  Nick got into the booze last night and steered us a bit off course.  Joe was able to take the wheel away, but since we were lost.  We decided to take a break at the nearest land mark we could find.

That land belonged to non other then The Movie Mavericks.   These were somewhat large beings who did not favor those who could not hold a ninety minute conversation about films.  Trevor one of their spoke leaders said if we could converse with him and one of his guests.  He would let us have anything from the island.   We all agree and headed off to meet the other person.

Patrick (or at least that is what he called himself) was a Time Lord from the land called 100 years of Movies.    He has just gotten back from the roaring twenties and wanted to stop over to see his friend Travis and the other Mavericks.  So we all grabbed some beer and headed into the Skype Tavern to discuss some movies.

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As You Watch: Episode 9

Show Schedule

0:00  Show Starts Meet the Guests

10:11    DVD Discussions: 10/23/2012  Magic Mike, Medea's Witness Protection, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

16:58   Theatrical Talk: 10/26/2012.   Cloud Atlas, Silent Hill: Revelation, Chasing Mavericks.

33:45   Top 3 List:  Best Acting Performances by Musicians.

51:40   The Prestige.

01:22:35.   Battle Of The Wits(Trivia Edition). & Closing.


  1. Ooh something to listen to on LUNCH today!! Cool matey I will give it a go later

    1. Thank you Scott,I hope you enjoy it. It was a fun one to record.

  2. I'll have to listen to this. I wonder how you all feel about The Prestige. I know it can have vastly different opinions.

    1. Max. It was a pretty diverse group of thoughts on that movie. Thanks for listening.