Monday, October 15, 2012

The Vern spreads more of his love to some great bloggers.

Happy Monday everybody.   How the hell are you?  This week has been very busy for me.  I just got done editing my first podcast ever, and while I'm proud of it.  I still feel that I could do better. That task has stopped me from seeing a lot of new movies this week, but I hope to see "Argo" and "The Master" very soon.    

 I wanted to take some time and introduce you all to some articles and reviews from some very talented writers and podcasters. If you have a site that you believe I should check out. Leave me a comment, and you may get mentioned in an upcoming post.

Top 5 Directors of the 20's.

Pat of 100 Movies has a very clever concept for his site.   He reviews movies,one decade at a time, and just finished up his look at movies from the 1920's.  This post has him talking about the best directors of this period.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Move Review.

S.J. Honeywell of 1001 Plus and co host of The Demented Podcast reviews one of my favorite movies of all time. 

A fun podcast I have recently been checking out was The Movie Mavericks Podcast.   This episode had Trevor and Jason discussing Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars and a  horror review of Clive Barker's "Lord Of Illusions"

Over at  Marc gets the opportunity to interview the writer and director of the new horror movie "Sinister"  It is really cool that a movie blogger got to write his first movie and have it be a hit too.

Chasing Amy: Movie Review.

Before Ben Affleck made an impression as a film maker he appeared in many movies by Kevin Smith.  Squasher88 of Film Actually looks back at one of their best collaborations ever.  

Ben of Benend's Basement takes us inside to give us a different review of Jennifer Lawrence's award winning feature "Winter's Bone".  I really liked this movie, especially John Hawkes' performance, but he writes up some good arguments.

Waffleween: The Halloween Franchise.

The Movie Waffler is doing something really cool this month.  He is going back and reviewing ever single movie in the Halloween series.  Even the one that didn't feature Michael Myers.    It's a great article.


  1. Cheers for the mention, I'm sitting down to H20 tonight and then I have the awful task of Resurrection and the two Rob Zombie atrocities.

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