Friday, October 12, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 02/12/2012

I'm going to be really brief with the selection listed below because I just don't have a lot of time to write up a piece on every single movie being released. This is being posted right before I head off to work.    Recently I have taken up the challenge of editing my first As You Watch podcast.  It has been a lot of fun, but also very exhausting.   I'm also going to be contributing a weekly article to The Cinematic Katzenjammers site very shortly so keep a close eye out for that.

Here are your releases.


A group of Americans held hostage in Iran are being set free through a risky plot by having their negotiators pretend a movie is being shot there.  This has Oscar nominated material all over it and Ben Affleck has beyond a doubt proved what a viable talent he has become.   I'm still waiting for him to direct Kevin Smith in a movie, but with a cast that includes Bryan Cranston and Alan Arkin.  I'm guessing he's not too concerned about that just yet.


I met the writer C. Robert Cargill at Sci-Fi comic book fest  a few years ago at a panel because of his reviews on    It's very exciting to see a fellow movie blogger get a movie made.  Especially one that has a huge wide release.   I'm just not that impressed with the trailer.   It follows too many of the same tropes that I find tiring.   When I see that freaky character hiding in the photos in the previews.  The first thing I think of is "Where'sWaldo", and I'm sure that's not the reaction I should be having.

Seven Psychopaths.

This movie's biggest marketing tool is it's cast and the fact that it's from the director of "In Bruges" Martin McDonagh.   The storyline about the gangster(Woody Harrelson) getting his dog kidnapped by these individuals is not that original, but I'll be damned if this doesn't at least have some of my interest.

Here Comes The Boom.

A teacher (Kevin James)joins the world of mixed martial arts fighting to help win money for his school.  This biggest problem I have is that it seems to not have any respect for the sport itself. They could have just used any thing in place of that one activity and it would have been the same film.  I also do not like Kevin James.  So that's two strikes against this.

What do you think looks good . Leave comments below.  Thank you very much.


  1. I've seen both "Argo" (one of the best thrillers this year) and "Seven Psychopaths" (Sam Rockwell killed it), and I would definitely recommend both.

    1. Thanks Shala. Yeah Ben Affleck has yet to disapoint me. 7 psychopaths looks funny the more I read about it