Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As You Watch Episode 11: James Bond & The City of Lost Children.

In this latest  episode of As You Watch.  Nick, Joe, Bubbawheat and I The Vern  having defeated the demon Shenku from the last episode bid farewell to our guest and set forth on another journey.  While traveling on the high seas, a whirlpool suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Bubbawheat tried his best to steer the ship away, but could not win against the strong currents of the waters.  Jumping right into action, Nick and Joe took hold of the heavy anchor and pushed it out into the sea.  Hoping that it would strike the bottom and save our ship from sudden doom.  I would have gladly helped out, but I just bought a new copy of "Anamaniacs:" season 1 on Blue Ray and really didn't want to leave my cabin.

The anchor however did not hit bottom.  Instead it landed on the ship of the P.T.Snob.  Otherwise known as the Public Transportation Snob  This was an underwater vessel whose captain,Dan Heaton was known to explore the world of film...One Marathon at a time.  We heard Dan's voice calling us through the loud speaker, asking if we were OK.  I looked out my window and saw that the ship was just on the edge of the whirlpool.  I asked The captain if he could pull up just a bit, and he agreed as long as we had him over on our ship to discuss some movies.  None of us could refuse his offer so after he got us out of harms way.  The P.T.Snob surfaced and we welcomed Dan aboard.   Luckily we were just about to discuss the 1995 Sci Fi Dark Fairy tale. "The City of Lost Children" and could use another opinion.  We also want to talk about "Skyfall" and list our favorite performances by Bond Actors in other films.

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