Wednesday, November 21, 2012

As You Watch Episode 12: Krull.

Well it's been a long time since I last wrote to you folks and that's not fair because things have been rough since we last spoke. After The As You Watch brigade left the ship of the Public Transportation Snob.  We ventured on land  for a while hoping someone could use our expert opinions about the movies so that we could get at least get some food and a nice place to sleep.  Joe even once helped save a mother and her kids from wasting two hours of their lives by not renting "The Smurfs"  but she did not pay us for such wise help. Only a sack of bread and some mustard.    Things were getting desperate.  We have not eaten or slept much and we traded reviews with other vagrants just for what ever scraps of food were thrown out.  One of these so called vagrants was willing to give us nice lodgings and some food if we would please review the movie "Krull".  Bubbawheat immediately got excited because it was his favorite film.  We were just about to turn it on when a cry rang  out all over the place.  It was from a young woman called Kristen and she is a nomad who Journeys in Classic Films.   The movie has caused her people great amounts of pain has now  been located in this town and she vows to help put a stop to it's evil ways.   Well we were not about to have her do it alone so with our trusty podcasting gear by our sides.  We held on to eachothers hands and pushed forward with the show.

To hear what happens next click on the words in red below.  Don't forget to check out all of our other fun adventures too.

As You Watch Episode 12: The Krull Experience

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