Monday, November 5, 2012

Manic Blog Loving Mondays: 11/05/2012.

I wanted to share this video because it is extremely well edited, and as a movie fan.  I got a big kick out of having over 250 movies being shown in just under two minutes.  Also that mash up between The Beatles, Cypress Hill, and Joan Jett is very cool as well.  This was edited by Jonathan Keogh and I urge any film film fan to check out his other works too.

Election day starts tomorrow in the U.S. and for every citizen here.   I really hope that you get out there and vote.  It doesn't  matter what your political preference is or who your desired candidate is going to be .   It's important to read up on all the facts and make your own educated decision.

I wanted to start Monday off right and post some links to reviews and articles by some fellow bloggers and writers that I feel you should check out . Just click on the words in read to read full review.

The Lamb's Shepard Joel Burman posted a review about that site's movie of the month "License to Kill". on his site. Deny Everything.  wrote a nice detailed review of the video game influenced hit  "Wreck it Ralph".

Speaking of video game adaptations.  The Cinematic Katzenjammer wrote a review of one of the best video game adaptations ever.  That's right, I said ever.  "Silent Hill".

The documentary "Indie Game" has helped change the KL5-FILM's opinion about video games.

Leaving on a jet plane turns out to be disastrous for Denzel Washington in the movie "Flight". Daniel's Film Reviews takes the controls and guides us to a safe landing with his thoughts.

James Bond is back this week with "SkyFall"  Let's all grab our parachute and join Tom Cottey as he writes a review for Reflections.Co.UK

Steve Exeter of Online Inquier writes about the classic thriller "Night Of The Hunter".

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Vern! Hope you have a great week too!

    1. No problems Nick. Keep up the great work on your site.

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