Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Comedy: Movie Review.

The Comedy.

Cast: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim

Writers: Colm O'Leary, Robert Donne, Rick Alverson

Director: Rick Alverson.

No Stars.

When I saw the trailer for this I noticed that it starred the two leads from "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show"(Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim)  But this was tonally a completely different movie and seemed to  play like a character drama.  I looked up more information on and was surprised to see this one get over 50% in praises.  One critic called Heidecker's character eerily enduring and another said this movie was an  examination of the destructive powers white privilege has on itself..  What pretentious nonsense.  This movie has nothing going for it.  Tom Green made a better movie with "Freddy got Fingered" then this load of horse crap that wants to disguise itself in indie / mumblecore clothes.

What's the story about, you may ask?  Take the basic premise around "Billy Madison".  An idiot man child( TimHeidecker) who refuses to grow up, hangs out with his equally dumb friends(Eric Warheim and LCD Soundsystem's front man James Murphy)while living off the money of his rich father.  Remove any type of conflict or challenges(He doesn't lose the inheritance or has to win something to save the house) and you would have an understanding of what this movie is about.  It tries to go into "Borat" territory by having it's main character go into unfamiliar places  and make fun of other cultures.  The biggest difference is that Sacha Baron Cohen was exposing the hidden racism and sexism of the other person.  All Heidecker does is just show that his character is the racist and sexist.

If this wanted to be a character study, it fails on every level because there is not one thing likable about this person.  During  most of his days he insults and uses people around him.  In one moment he pretends to be a Gardener so he can use someone's pool.  In another he is bribing a cab driver to let him behind the wheel.  Only to have him leave the cab stranded amongst a group of women he thought were prostitutes. This man insults so many people that when he actually does do something nice.  I no longer care.  The movie does nothing to rekindle any kind of trust with this person.  Fuck him.

I like movies that make me feel a bit uncomfortable.  I don't mind that at all, but they need to be entertaining, and there is not one thing good about this movie.  None.  Rick Alverson should be banned from film making and never be allowed to pick up a camera ever again.  I would much rather see any Katherine Higl or Michael Bay movie multiple times then have to sit through this again.


  1. You didn't hold back there! Haha, I love an angry review, I've actually got a similar one in the pipe-line for Tiny Furniture which sounds similar to this.
    Thanks for steering me away from The Comedy, your review has done enough to dissuade me from watching it.

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