Friday, November 30, 2012

The Vern explains Holy Motors to a seven year old boy.

After I saw this one of a kind movie late last night, I found myself sitting at my bus stop when this little boy named Billy walked over and sat beside me.  He told me about his day at work, and I mentioned mine.  He asked if I just got done seeing a movie.  I said yeah and told him the title.  Having never heard of "Holy Motors" he asked me what I thought and what transcribes below is our conversation. Now you may think it's a bit odd for a four year old to be at the bus stop this late, and I would agree with you completely.  That factory closes at 2 pm, there is no way he could have just been getting done with work as he had said.

Billy:  What's Holy Motors?

Me:  Well it begins with a guy sitting in a room and then he discovers he's in a movie theatre.

Billy: Why?

Me.  Well my opinion was that this scene was  an expression on the whole cinematic experience.  and that you are going to be going on a journey.  But don't worry.  It's only a movie. I think it's the director Leos Carax in that scene.

Billy: Then what?

Me.  Well then you see a guy get into a limo and he stops at many different places and puts on a disguise.

Billy:  Is he a superhero?

Me:  No he just gets a letter telling him where to go and who to become.

Billy: Is this Cosmopolis?

Me:  No, although both movies do involve a character driving around in a limo.   At least in this one he gets out of the car more often to put on these costumes.

Billy: Why?

Me.  I'm not too sure.  I think his job is to impersonate other personas so that he can assist people with completing things.

Billy: Like what?

Me:.  He helps some people deal with the loss of a loved one, or help in the completion of a weird computer generated project.  Sometimes he joins a band and helps out with that or becomes this disgusting troll that lives in sewers and bites everything he can.

Billy:  Why?

Me. I don't know.  I have read reviews that said each time the main character puts on a new face the genre of that scene changes.  That is why you will see a musical, a monster movie, and melodramas all mixed into this movie.

Billy:  Are there any bad guys in this?

Me:  No. I don't think there is.

Billy:  Then who is he fighting?

Me:   I don't think he's fighting anyone.  Now that I think of it I can't recall one single conflict the main character has throughout the whole story.

Billy:  I think he's a spy and he puts on these different outfits to gather information.

Me:   That would be great , but he never gets any info at all.  Once he's done with one assignment.  He gets back in the limo and gets taken to another.  He does have a few somewhat romantic moments with Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue.  So that could make him look like a super spy.

Billy:  I like Spider-Man.

Me:  Yeah.  That's cool, I like the old web crawler too.

Billy::  New one was stupid.  Spider-Man kept taking his mask off, and then all I saw was some emo kid moping for a good hour.

Me:  Ha Ha yeah.

Billy: So if he's not a superhero or doesn't fight anyone.  Why should people see this?

Me:  I don't think everyone should see this because not everyone is going to like it.  It has some really beautiful cinematography from Caroline Champetier and the lead actor Denis Lavant is very good as both the main character and the different personas.  I just know that many people will be bored by the lack of a general story.

At around this point my bus had just arrived and Billy and I said our goodbyes.  He said he would check out the movie a bit later, but was not in a hurry to do so now.   It was an odd night for sure, but not as odd as "Holy Motors".


  1. I'm very intrigued by this one, even if I'm still unsure what it's about (but I'm guessing that's not the point). Great review!

    1. Thank you Barry. Yeah it just a collection of short films that has a plot centered around a guy driving in a limo who can change disguises

  2. Great post! I've been reading bits of reviews for this here and there but I think that the way you structured this worked really well for the type of movie.

    1. Thank you Lindsay. I appreciate your comments on my site.

  3. Yeah, this was very entertaining. Great review.

    1. Thank you Shane, and thanks again for being a guest on As You Watch.

    2. Thanks for having me. That was a lot of fun.

  4. Replies
    1. Your Brilliant... looking that is. Wait are we doing the whole insult game again because I'm really bad at this.

    2. I'll take a compliment wherever I can get one...

  5. What an interesting convo, glad you decided to make a post of it. I'm not sold on the movie but it's still fun reading this post. That bit about Spider-man made me laugh.

    1. Thank you Ruth. I like your site as well. You have very detailed articles on there. I like it a lot.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Im glad you liked this. I will have to do more of these in the future.

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