Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 11/03/2012

Sorry I'm late.

Yes folks It's been far too god damn long since I last posted anything on here, but shit I have been busy trying to give you fine folks something posted on this blog at least every other day, if not more.  I was also busy with editing the last 3 shows of As You Watch, and everyone who edits podcast can freely admit of how much of a pain that is.  I have also been part of a huge checking account fraud which has put my account in the negative.  So right now I have no money.  Tried to stop direct deposit from my job going into my checking account but I was too late.

We are now getting a huge slew of good movies being released in these next few weeks, but I'm afraid that I wont be able to see them right away, because of all my financial problems.  I will however give you fine folks a fair and honest opinion of the movies being released.  If you waste your money on a bad movie.  It makes me feel bad.  SO let's all get a little happy now and check out the flicks.

Note ***** These are not actual reviews, but what I thought about the trailers.

Wreck It Ralph.

A video game villain (John C. Reilly) is sick of doing the same job, and wants to break out, and be a hero.  This is being hailed as a video game version of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", and I can see some of the comparisons.  This flick does feature a lot of cameos from old school 80's and 90's video games.  The voice casting featuring Sarah Silverman, Alan  Tudyk and other stars that are not from the Disney Channel is a great start.  I'm just afraid that most kids today won't understand any of the references, and be turned off by this.  The actual game of "Fix it Felix Jr". is a complete homage to "Donkey Kong", "Rampage" and other 80's games like that.  I am super excited to see this one, But those concerns are making me think it won't be that massive of a hit.

The Man with the Iron Fists.

This is the directorial debut from RZA of the Wu Tang Clan, but it's not like the guy is coming into the world of movies cold.  He has helped contribute music to the "Kill Bill" series, and the man does have a big love for the whole kung fu genre.   This also marks a departure in a way for co writer Eli Roth who puts a hold on his gory horror films of the past to do this action tale.   I am down for this and it looks like a lot of fun, but if you don't like these types of movies.  It's not going to be for you.


A pilot (Denzel Washington) becomes an overnight hero after he saves his aircraft from crashing.  Problems start to arise when investigations show him to have been drunk while he was flying.  If that's true it would make a great argument of why drugs should be legal. Shit, if someone knows how to cure cancer, but they have to do a line of cocaine to achieve results.   Get him in touch with some dealers and shut up.  I like that Robert Zemeckis is going back to live action films.  His last one was "Cast Away" back in 2000, and this also marks his first R rated flick.  Not to say that should be a reason to see or don't see this flick, but I am curious at why this is rated R.  The premise alone makes me think otherwise but the MPAA says it's for language, nudity, and an intense action sequence.  I hope that intense sequence has nudity and foul language in it.

This Must be the Place.

Sean Penn plays a former rock star who hunts down a Nazi war criminal his deceased father was hunting down.  The premise alone is just so crazy that it might work.  This marks the first English language feature from Spanish director Paolo Sorrentino("Il Divo") and has the music of David Byrne of The Talking Heads.  I might be surprised by this one, but it doesn't look like one I would shill out eight bucks to see.

A Late Quartet.

 As much as I love the cast included here.  There is not one thing that is making me want to see this.  All the so called problems these characters face are very trivial and small.  The kind of issues that could easily be solved in thirty minutes. Not two hours.

The Details.

I really don't know what the story is about on this one, and that could either be a good thing or a horrible thing.  All I know is that things got really weird for Tobey Magurie after he left the "Spiderman" Franchise.   I do plan on seeing this one, just not right away.

See you all next week.


  1. I did like Maguire in Brothers, though.

    1. It's been a while since I seen that. I agree with you the performances were good. Thanks for commenting.