Friday, November 9, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 11/09/2012.

Hello my dear friends.

A lot of things happened this week.  Barack Obama was reelected as president of the United States.  Marijuana became legal in Washington and Colorado.  In Minnesota where I live, we defeated the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. There have been many historic changes, and it's only been a few days. That is really impressive.   If you did not support any of these things I have just mentioned.  That is fine.  Difference of opinion is vital and important to the growth of our country.  I don't want a society that is strictly liberal, nor do I want one that is all conservative.   I would love to have one where all the citizens tolerate and accepts everyone's values.  But that sort of utopia happens only in the movies.

That's enough of my whole political rant.  Let's get to the new releases.  Make sure to check your local listings to see if these are playing in your area


James Bond (Daniel Craig) is back in his newest adventure from director Sam Mendes("American Beauty"). I love that Javier Bardem is the bad guy in this, despite the blond hair, and I love all of the action I have been viewing in the trailers so far.   The only Bond film I ever saw in theatres was "Tomorrow Never Dies" and while that was a fun movie. It wasn't one I was excited to watch ahead of time.  This is one movie I will be seeing  in Imax just to get the full scope of it, and I fully look forward to seeing James in action.


I trust that Steven Speilberg will make a very good movie about Abraham Lincoln.  There is no doubt that both him and Daniel Day Lewis in the title role will get some Oscar love this season.  I just feel that this trailer tries to hard to sell it as an Academy Award winning movie. Even though we all know that's what it wants to be.    The over dramatic  use of John Williams' score and the way certain scenes are played makes this look much more epic then it actually is.  I will let the movie speak for itself before I judge it, but for right now the trailer does very little to hold my interest.

Dangerous Liaisons.


This is the loosely based Chinese version of the novel from France. Although in this adaptation it looks like the two socialites who are playing the game with a young virgin are ex lovers instead of siblings.  It's sad of me to admit the only version I saw of this story was "Cruel Intentions", and I did it just to watch Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar make out.  This version look alright, but I will see the one with Glen Close and John Malkovich before I see this.

A Royal Affair.

An obvious insane King's most trusted physician is having affair with the newly appointed Queen in this period drama from Director Nikolaj Arcel(Co Screenwriter of the Original "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo").  I usually don't mind period dramas and I like some of the acting I'm seeing here.  It's just not enough to get me to spend full price on this.

The Comedy.

On Adult Swim there was a show called "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show".  Each episode was about 15 minutes long, but that doesn't matter because I could hardly get past minute one.  Nothing funny happens on these shows, nothing.  Yet these two (I hate calling them this) comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim not only got their own show, but had big name celebrities like John C, Reily, and Jeff Goldblum appear on them as well.  They even got to do a movie based on their show, which pissed me off because they barely did anything funny on their show. How the hell could they fill a 80 minute movie when they can't even fill 15 minutes  Now both of them are starring in a new film that is very serious in it's tone but it still reminds me of their show.  I'm a bit surprised this has been getting good reviews.  So I will be nice and give this a fair shot.  But Damn you for making me do this.

In Their Skin.

A Family vacationing at their weekend cottage are interrupted by another family who want to take over their lives.  This looks incredibly creepy, and much more menacing then the usual home invasion movies we have seen before ("Funny Games", "Them")  The villains in this are not interested in merely killing this family off.  They want to fully become them before they dispose of them.   This trailer has creeped me out, big time.  Yeah I'm in.

Nature Calls.

Comedy is the most difficult genre to review because it's all subjective.  What I find funny, some of you will laugh and others will  find me to be a sick individual for doing so.  This movie will have it's audience but I'm  not it.  This looks like absolute horseshit.

Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Skyfall is really good, I hope you'll like it. I'm not a fan of Lincoln trailer either, I may catch the movie on DVD, but I'm definetly not going to see it in theatres.

    1. I hope to see Skyfall this week along with Cloud Atlas