Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Weekend Watch: Thanksgiving edition

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads these posts.

If your reading this now, you must have just ate or are about to.  You might have also been curious at what new flicks were hitting the cinemas this weekend.  Well You'll be happy to know that a lot of them have opened already.  Yes folks, they really got something for everyone in your family today.  So even if you all can't agree on just one title.  You can send the kids to one  while the other adults check on something else. Do you want to see what's in store for you this weekend.   Well Let me stop wasting your time and I'll tell you.

Red Dawn.

This is the remake of the 1984 cult classic about a group of teenagers who suddenly are forced to go to war after another country invades there home land.  Instead of  it being the Russians in the original, it's the North Koreans.  This looks like a conservatives wet dream, but the characters and situations are so cheesy.  No one is going to be taken this one seriously.   It looks like a lot of harmless fun, but not something that people are going to remember.  Just like the first one.

Rise of the Guardians.

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout cause bitch I will tell you why.  Santa Clause, The Easter bunny and a whole mess load of mystical creatures are back to kick a little ass in this kid's version of "The Expendables".  Each of these characters you once believed in as kids now have super powers which they use to defeat  a really twisted bad guy, and for that reason alone I'm curious to check this out.  I just want to know what the Tooth Fairy can do besides shoot quarters at people.  Because back when I was in college I could have used her on my team.

 The Central Park Five.

Yes folks it's another really important documentary that everyone should see, but they won't.  I'm guilty too because it's not being played anywhere near me, but when it does I will.  This is the story about five black teen males who were charged in the rape of a young white woman and how the police covered up the evidence to indict them faster.  It really pisses me off that this is coming to light now instead of back when it should.

Silver Linings Playbook.

Apparently crazy people in the movies are much better looking then they are in real life because if I ever lost my mind and they introduced me to a girl who was from the same hospital.  I guarantee you she'll look nowhere near as hot as Jennifer Lawrence.   Hell, I wouldn't even get Joey Lawrence, just some over weight bald girl with one good tooth.  With that being said, I am really looking forward to this movie. It looks to be very funny, but also real heartwarming too.  I think both Bradley Cooper and Miss Lawrence have great screen chemistry despite the obvious age difference in their characters.  Plus all the supporting roles including Chris Tucker are amazingly well cast.


"Psycho" has influenced generations of movie directors and film buffs for years, so it's really cool to see an origin story of how it got to be up on the big screen.  Anthony Hopkins plays the famed director who doesn't have the full support of the studio to make this picture.  Co starring Helen Mirren and Scarlet Johannson,  this is one biopic, I am seeing right away.

Life of Pi.

Once upon a time there was a delicious pumpkin pie that made it's way from my plate, into my mouth and journeyed into my stomach.  Oh wait that's not the right movie.  I'm sorry folks, just a little hungry that's all.  This is the visual masterpiece from Ang Lee("Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon") about a man who gets shipwrecked in a large body of water and has to survive long enough to find land.   Of all the ones to see in theatres and in 3D.   It would be this one.  I really don't know much more about it then that but it looks very beautiful to view on a big Imax screen.

Rust and Bone.

Why do trailers insist on using tag lines from critics telling me the movie is good rather then tell me what the plot is about.  If the story is interesting, I will want to see it.  You don't need all these quotes telling me about how the acting is amazing and this is one of the best films this year.  Let it speak for itself.  I love Marion Cotillard and will see it for her alone, but it's not something I need to seek out in theatres.

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend everyone. I won't be back to write another full post until Monday, but I do want to know if any of you have any cool traditions with your family. Please leave it in the comments below.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Vern!!

    1. Thank you for your comments and suppourt. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too

  2. Happy Thanksiving to you too!
    Also, Hitchcock looks like my favorite film of the year and I don't understand Life of Pi because a tiger trapped on a boat with a kid would eat the kid.

    1. Good point Alex. I'm sure the Tiger was thinking about it, but thought it would be better to wait before the kid got older before he ate it. So that there would be more meat.

  3. Jen Lawrence is attracticve and talented but for me the charm disappears when she opens her mouth and shares her thoughts. Her appearance on Leno last week was so offensive and silly, I was astonished. But I'm curious about the movie.

    1. That's sad to hear about her appearance on Leno and to think I was this close of asking her to marry me. Jumped a bullet on that one. Thank you.

  4. Wow that's a great week for releases you've got over there! Only Rust and Bone has been released in the UK so far. It's pretty good but you're right that it doesn't need to be seen at the cinema. I personally can't wait for Hitchcock and Life of Pi to open over here.

    I don't really understand Thanksgiving but happy it anyway.