Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 10 Creepiest Music Videos.

I once posted my favorite scenes that freaked me out.  Now I want to post some music videos that did a good job at making me feel a bit unease as well.  The odd thing is that most of the vids that are listed here have kind of catchy songs that you would not associate with anything disturbing.      Well I spent enough time  babbling on.  Let's get to the list.  Oh and I should warn that this isn't a top ten list.  The Vern don't rank what he likes.

Bat For Lashes: "What's a Girl to Do?"

While riding her bike through a dark Forrest.  Natasha Kahn is joined by a bunch of bike readers in animal masks. and creepy kids with balloons. It reminds me of early seventies European horror movies, and even though it may not be scary.  It is odd.

Massive Attack:   "Teardrop".

This video features a singing fetus.  It's odd, haunting, but absolutely beautiful.

Metallica: "One"

Using clips from the 1971 drama "Johnny Got His Gun".   Metallica blends their song about an armless legless man into one very creepy video.  The words that are spoken at the very end remain one of the most haunting things ever put on screen.

Daft Punk:   "Prime Time Of Your Life"

French Techno Duo Daft Punk have created  some memorable music videos during their career, but they have never made a music video this fucked up.  The message about how young girls are influenced by what they see in the media is very disturbing, but also important to watch.  Especially if someone you know shows signs of an eating disorder.

Michael Jackson: "Thriller"

When this video first premiered I screamed when Michael Jackson turned into the wolf creature.  I was six damn it, and that shit was very scary.  This video is groundbreaking in that it was the first to feature a big cast,a storyline, and good special effects.  Plus you can never go wrong with having Vincent Price recite some spooky lyrics for this either.  Watching it again. I still managed to jump whenever he changes to the wolf creature.

Tool.  "Sober"

Really, I could have put any Tool video in this place and it still would have been just as creepy.

Prodigy: "Smack By Bitch Up"   ***NOTE*** Contains Nudity and Heavy Violence. Viewer Discretion is advised.

All done  from the POV of someone who drinks, snorts coke, beat up bar patrons, and fucks strippers.  This  video from Prodigy was met with a lot of controversy when it first premiered, and it's easy to understand why.  This one's sole purpose is to make you feel uncomfortable.  Yet it's so well filmed and edited that I can't call it exploitative.  Even though many of you probably will.

Aphex Twin:   "Come To Daddy"

Little kids who all share the same face are wrecking havoc in this one of a kind creepy video.  That demon that comes out of the TV at the end is a great movie monster and I hope that gets to be used in a horror film soon.

 Robbie Williams: "Rock DJ"

While a bunch of hot woman roller skate around him.  Mr. Williams tries his best to get their attention by performing a strip tease.  The problem is that not one girl is responding. Jeeze what's a guy gotta do to get some attention around here.  The end result was a bit shocking when I first saw it, but it's become very funny.

Portishead: "Threads" (Unofficial Video)

Ok. So this is not the original video but It's so well edited. I could not put it here.  This one uses clips from the movie "Antichrist" and I found it to be so beautiful I completely forgot how messed up the actual  flick was until I watched it again.


  1. Rock DJ is such a hilarious video, bitchin' song too! Tool makes the creepiest music videos, but they are also quite fascinating.

    1. Thank you again for all your nice I agree ROck D comments, Margaret. I agree Rock DJ is funny but can be a bit gross for some.

  2. Arrggg. I really messed up that last comment, but Thanks again for the feedback Sati.

  3. Oh, those are definitely creepy ass videos. I love those videos.

    1. Thank you. Which one was your favorite or the one that creeps you out the most.

  4. Great videos! The last two Halloweens we've done creepy music videos for our Music Video Monday feature. I wish I had known about some of these! The creepiest video I've ever seen has got to be on T just did on our blog - MGMT: Kids.

    1. I cant argue with that Kids video it is disturbing. Thank you so much for leaving a comment

  5. TOOL!!! Brilliant to see the best band in the world featured matey!!


  6. I saw the title and came here looking for Tool. Well done Vern!

  7. Thank you very much Scott and Bonjour Tristesse for the comments. I'm such a

  8. Excellent list! Very well thought out and placed song choices! I have a few to add, but I'm not sure I should even be sharing them for the simple reason of how messed up they truly are. All of the videos below are NSFW and should not be viewed in any setting other than your own privacy. Proceed with caution!

    Cattle Decapitation - Forced Gender Reassignment
    The video contains content which is EXACTLY as the title of the song conveys! You have been warned

    Nine Inch Nails - Happiness in Slavery

    Die Antwoord - Fink you Freak

    My name is Xac, but the registration for the site wasnt working on my phone so I posted anonymously instead.

  9. Thank you so much for commenting Xac. I'm sorry the registration didn't work on your phone. I will look into that issue once I'm back. That Nine Inch Nails video was the only one I could get through I do not like the music of Die Antwoord and i could not even click on the video for
    Cattle Decapitation. Thanks again for posting the videos though

  10. thank you very much for finally allowing me to find a well put together, thought out list with quality content. I'm so disappointed with the effort put in by 90% of what i see online, great job! i'm going to look for and hope you have other lists!

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