Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pitch Perfect: Late Review.

Pitch Perfect

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson
Writers:  Kay Cannon (Screenplay)  Mickey Rapkin ( Book)
Director:  Jason Moore.

**'s out of Four.

I was dreading seeing this movie.  I admire a capella singers for their skill, but wasn't sure I could stand a full two hours about the subject.  When the trailer first premiered it annoyed the living shit out of me, because it looked very cliched and I hated that tag line "Get Pitched Slapped" with a passion.  While the story was still predictable and most of the characters remained cliched.  I did not hate this as much as I thought I did.

The story follows Beca(Anna Kendrick) who is new to college, but has no interest in being there. Her dream is to be a music producer and help make songs for artists.  Her dad makes a deal with her that if she can try college for a year and at the end if she still doesn't like it.  He will pay for her way to Los Angeles to become a producer.  One night while singing in the shower, she runs into Chloe(Brittany Snow) who over hears her and asks her to audition for a singing group called The Bellas.  Now I'm not quite sure why she decided to join except that maybe she wanted this girl out of her shower.  But she ends up going and performs this solo with a plastic cub that is really quite remarkable.  Becca runs into problems not just with their main competitors. An all make group called The Treblemakers. But with Aubrey(Anna Camp) the band's over controlling leader who failed the last competition by letting the wrong notes out.   I'm not going to tell you what she actually did because it was the funniest moment in the whole movie.  Becca wants to try different arrangements of songs, but Aubrey doesn't and yeah you can basically predict what happens next.

   The movies main weakness is the plot because I did not fully hate these characters. Even if many of them were cliched stereotypes. You had your butch lesbian, the nymphomaniac, the awkward nerd who gets their one chance to shine, the weird quiet one, the funny fat one, and the somewhat emo one who opens up and learns to love at the end.    The movie "The Breakfast Club" gets mentioned a few times and you can see those same character tropes used in every single persona.  Problem was that it never delved past the surface like that other movie did.  I liked Rebel Wilson a lot as Fat Amy and I thought she did deliver a lot of the films funnier moments.  But the real kind of break out star for me was Hana Mae Lee as Lily.  A lot of the things she said reminded me of Ralph Wigum from "The Simpsons" that was so dark and bizarre, but also very funny.  Then again I may just have a love for dark humor.     While other younger actresses could have played the main character without really trying.  Anna Kendrick does make her believable, and interesting.  Plus the girl can sing.  I wouldn't have her rush right out and record an album, but she can hold a note. When The Bellas do sing together it's a lot of  fun to watch because they all do have amazing stage presence and charisma.  It will also mark the only time in history that I enjoyed hearing girls sing "Party in The USA". Ever.

  "Pitch Perfect" is marketed towards teenage girls, and for the most part I think they will enjoy this.  At the theatre I was at.  A group of girls in their early twenties sat in front of me and they were all laughing  and cheering along with it the entire time.  I'm not sure if all  guys will like it as well, but let me reassure our male readers with this notion. Another title of this movie could be "The Anna Kendrick Cleavage hour".  She and a few of the other girls do wear some low cut shirts that may be enjoyable if your into that sort of thing.

(Funny interview with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson)


  1. Hugely enjoyable comedy that hits all the right notes, thanks to a razor-sharp script, impressively staged musical numbers and a pair of brilliant comic performances from Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Sorry about the late reply. I agree They both were good in this. I almost want to see the sequel