Friday, December 14, 2012

The Vern Predicts 2013 Oscar Nominees.

Every year I chose a few of the major nominees for The Oscars and I have been close, but not perfect in my predictions.  It's getting harder and harder to determine what Academy members consider to be a good movie and some of thier choices baffles me.  I do enjoy watching the award show because sometimes a movie that is underneath the radar does at least get some attention.  Even though no one saw it, at least you heard about "The Artist" from last year.  With the 2013 Oscars coming soon, I'm willing to bet that you have at least  heard of all these nominees, but will be upset that a lot of movies you liked got shunned this year.  It may be a summer blockbuster, but "The Avengers" was a tremendous movie.  Joss Whedon did the impossible with that movie and created an ensemble cast  that worked together as a team giving each character equal screen time.  That won't be up for any major awards this year.  "Killer Joe" brought in a really good performance by Matthew McConaughey this year, but he won't be nominated even though he should.

So what will be nominated this year?.   Well come have a look with me and see how accurate I am.

Best Picture.

Let's not beat around the bush and just announce the five head honchos who I believe will be up for the Award this year.  In the past the nominees list could be up to as much as ten, but only five have ever been really considered. So that's what I am focusing on.

Silver Linings Playbook.



Les Miserables.

Zero Dark Thirty

Best Actor.

Here it is, the top male leads of the year.  Who will be the one to take home the statue this year.

Denzel Washington: Flight.

Bradley Cooper: Silver Linings Playbook.

Daniel Day Lewis: Lincoln

Joaquin Pheonix: The Master.

John Hawkes: The Sessions.

Best Actress.

These five lovely ladies are all competing with each other to be the one to hold this golden man in their arms at the end of the night.

Jessica Chastain: Zero Dark Thirty.

Quevenzhane Wallis: Beasts of the Southern Wild .

Jennifer Lawrence: Silver Linings Playbook.

Marion Cotillard: Rust and Bone.

Helen Mirren:  Hitchcock.

Best Director:

The cast in front of the camera is only as good as the person behind the camera.  That saying could also be used to describe it's actors as well.   Here are the nominees.

Ben Affleck: Argo.

Quentin Tarantino: Django Unchained.

Ang Lee: Life of Pi.

Steven Speilberg: Lincoln.

Kathryn Bigalow: Zero Dark Thirty

Best Animated Movie.

It's much harder to evoke emotion from a drawing then it is a person. So these five nominations  get automatic praise from me for just doing that.




Wreck it Ralph.

Pirates: Band of Misfits.

What do you think will be nominated this year?  Leave me a comment below, and have a great day.



  1. Pretty safe to say those 5 will all get nominated for Best Picture. I'm pretty confident Hugh Jackman will get in for Best Actor, who for, who knows! I hope Hawkes gets a nomination but it could come down to Phoenix vs Hawkes, I know who I'd be cheering for.

    I'm not sure Mirren gets a nom, but I really don't know who would get it out of her, Watts + Riva.

    Agree with your Directors noms, think Rise of the Guardians will get in over Pirates!

    Basically though, I pretty much agree with everything! What will be interesting who wins, and what other movies fill up Best Picture. Django + Life of Pi I'd say are fairly certain. The Master vs Beasts vs Moonrise for any other spots, really hoping Moonrise gets in!

    1. I doubt Jackman will get in for a nomination but I could be wrong. I know Gaurdians will get a nom over Pirates, but it shouldn't because doing stop motion animation takes a lot of work. Thanks for commenting Alex.

  2. Those are some decent predictions, I don't see Pirates getting nominated though. Are you predicting there will only be 5 Best Picture nominees? I think there will be 9 or 10.

    1. You are right about there being 9 or ten nominations but it varies so much, it's really had to tell plus I picked the five that are going to be the top picked. Thank you so much for commenting.

  3. I don't think Wallis will get in, Mirren looks unlikely to me too, but she has a better chance as an Oscar winner. I also suspect Jackman has better chances than Cooper.

    1. Child stars have always had a shot at a nomination at least in Oscar History. I think Wallis could get in, but I wont be too upset if she doesn't. Thanks for commenting .

  4. Solid picks here. I am wondering in Jackman will make the Best Actor cut, in which he’d kick out… Cooper or Hawkes I suppose.

    I liked Mirren’s work in Hitchcock, but I detested that film, so perhaps my view is skewed, but I don’t understand her awards attention at all. Much prefer to see Watts in her place.

    Can't wait for the noms!

    1. Good Point Alex. I would not be upset if Naomi Watts took Mirren's place. I thought she should have been nominated for Mulholland Dr.

    2. Oh God, she sooo should've. A flawless performance(s).