Friday, January 25, 2013

As You Watch: Heavenly Creatures and Best Debut Roles.

                                       ( "One ring to rule them all".  Yes Mr. Jackson has had Tolkien
                                          on his mind for a long time.)

On the latest episode of The As You Watch Podcast.  Joe,(TwoDudeReview) Nick (Cinematic Katzenjammer) and Myself  are joined by Nolahn of YOUR FACE,.  Well maybe not your exact face,although that could be just a simple statement of him getting up all in your face, I'm not sure.   Any who it's a fun website run by him, Nick Jobe, and Jason Soto.  It has a really cool url that I just had to post here in big bold letters.  YOURFACEISA.COM.

Our featured movie is the 1994 fantasy drama "Heavenly Creatures"(Click link to read full review).  Directed  by Peter Jackson and introducing future Academy Award winner Kate Winslet in her first starring role.  This would be the turning point in Jackson's career from being a schlocky, but fun b-horror movie director into a serious filmmaker.  After all this was the movie that helped him win the job on the whole "Lord Of The Rings" franchise

Before that we do a fun discussion on our top 3 best debut performances ever.  I was a little rusty on the list because I originally thought the featured movie was going to be  "Pan's Labyrinth" and the list was Unconventional Fairy Tales, but I pulled through I think.

Check out all the fun on the full episode below.

EPISODE XX:  Heavenly Creatures