Friday, January 11, 2013

Great Rock Bands That Deserve More Attention.

Hello Readers.

As the new year kicks off. I really wanted to write more than just about movies.  I am a certified movie geek, but I have other interests and want to write more then just reviews.  My idea about important movies that should be seen  really didn't get that much feedback, so I might scrap that idea.  Thanks to those of you who left comments and I will feature you in an upcoming "Manic Blog Loving Monday" post very soon.   

For the last few years I have been very fortunate to play drums in a fun party band called Parental Advisory  It's great because I  get to hang out each week with my friends and play music.  I also get the chance to go to a lot of concerts and see a lot of really talented musicians.  Artists who are so damn good it's a crying shame that none of you are  hearing how freaking awesome they are.   So with that in mind I am presenting every other month a list of some bands I think you should check out.    Some of these will be the live performance so the audio is not that great, but the energy  is just the best.

The Jelly Project. - Stupid Animal.

If you listened to the podcast "As You Watch" (and if you haven't go to the highlighted link and check it out because it is very entertaining) the theme song that starts off each show was performed by this same band.   Lead singer Jelly(Angelica) just oozes sex appeal when she sing.  I realized just now that used the words jelly and ooze in the same sentence, but she really does.   Add in those amazing vocals with great guitar riffs from Eric, funkalicious bass groves from Chris and heart stopping drum beats from Paul and you have just one hell of a great band.    I had a hard time choosing what video to play, but I'm going to to go with their newest one.  Check out their site to hear more tunes and download their album. 

Vanity Theft - Limb From Limb

Even though this track was released over two years ago. It still feels like I just heard it yesterday.  I met this band at a local bar one year because I had friends who were on the same bill as them.  From their looks I expected some really run of the mill alternative rock and nothing more.  When they opened up with this song and lead singer Alicia busted out the keytar.  I was wrong in ever doubting the sheer hardcore talent of this group.  Not only do they have catchy songs, but their lyrics are so well written.  Check out their Facebook page and listen to their other songs.

When a name like that, it's safe to assume you have never heard or seen anything like it before.   If Frank Zappa had a love child with Dr. Teeth from the Electric Mayhem.  I'm pretty damn sure they would birth out these talented but very twisted musicians.  Seeing The Vegans live is the only way to truly enjoy all of it's brilliant insanity.    Their lyrics are very  funny, but it's hard for me to understand most of them because of the venues they play in,  So I urge you to click the link and check out some more songs.

Fuzzy Machete.     Chick Habit

I love this band a lot because they sing about fun and cool things.  Being labeled as an all girl nerd punk band. These ladies have songs about Joss Whedon, used record stores, and MST3K legend Gamera. They even cover the theme to Doctor Who that is just as epic as their original songs.  If you are a true geek and think that no one out there likes or understands you. Fuzzy Machete will take you to a much better place where nerds rule.  

Rapedoor -  Be Rapedoor

The name alone is a little shocking at first, but I promise you.  This is not a speed death metal band where they sing about sacrificing babies or beating on woman.  Singer and sometime drummer Nicole would wail on that fucker without losing one beat.  This is a return to what rock and roll use to be about, and that is pissing off your parents.  It's loud, it's angry, but doesn't forget to have fun once in a while as you can see in the above video.  Most bands take themselves too seriously, and it's so refreshing to have a band like this around.  Don't get me wrong, the music itself is very organized and they are all determined.  They just don't act like they are above other people and that's what I love best about them.   Be sure to check out Rapedoor as they will be featured in Troma Pictures. "Return to Class of Nuke Em High". Just click the highlighted word to view the unrated trailer.    


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