Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence:Silver Linings Southern Belle.

When "Winter's Bone" was released in 2010,I took notice right away of it's young star Jennifer Lawrence. Her character was young but her mind and personality showed more maturity that was way beyond her years. Nominated for Best Actress in her first starring role is very impressive.  To have another Oscar nomination two years later for her work in "Silver Linings Playbook" proves that she is much more then just eye candy.   Not only is Miss Lawrence a critical favorite, but she is also in two popular franchises "The Hunger Games" and "X-Men".  I  was going to write about just one of her films, but it wouldn't be right to focus on one and leave the others out.

Note**  I have not seen every movie Miss Lawrence was in, but I'm sure I have seen most of the ones you have.

The Films.

Winter's Bone

In a mountain town, a young girl goes in search of her fugitive father and finds out some secrets about her family she was not suppose to discover.  This was a one of a kind debut performance, and Jennifer was magnificent.  Her character had to do be involved in some scary situations just to make sure that her family would not lose their home.

The Beaver.

It's kind of a shame that this one had Mel Gibson.  No, that's not really fair.  Let me start that over again.   Academy award winner Jodie Foster directed a dark comedy about a man (Gibson) who begins talking to a stuffed animal to help him cope with his depression.  His son played by Alton Yelchin also suffers from depression, but holds in his feelings so he will not end up like his father.   Jennifer Lawrence plays the hot popular girl who falls in love with Yelchin's emo persona.  Ahh the magic of movies.

X-Men: First Class

The origins of how Professor X(James McAvoy) and Magneto(Michael Fassbender) became mortal enemies was one of the coolest comic book movies ever put on screen.  Well at least until "The Avengers" came out.   Miss Lawrence plays the shape shifting femme fatale Mystique, and her story is kind of sad.  She obviously loves Professor X, but is seduced by Magneto and his lies about the humans.  I'm glad she is returning in the much anticipated saga "Days of Future Past"

The Hunger Games.

In order to save her younger sister. Katniss will take her place in a brutal survival game.  Each district will elect one kid to compete in a national event called "The Hunger Games"  At the end of the competition only one can survive. Alright look I'm not saying that this is a rip off of "Battle Royale", but come on.  They both share the same idea of kids being sent to an Island to kill each other.  I don't blame the writer Suzanne Collins for not knowing about the book, but I do blame the filmmakers.  Gary Ross is a good director, but was the wrong choice to helm this project. I would have much rather see Gareth Evans("The Raid") take this instead.  Jennifer Lawrence is the main reason I would watch this again.  Her and maybe Woody Harrleson are the only two that are actually good in this, and I believed the motives of their characters.

Silver Linings Playbook.

"Silver Linings Playbook" has a lot of great characters all played by equally talented actors.  It is by far one of the best romantic comedy dramas in a really long time.  It's great seeing Chris Tucker in a movie and he doesn't annoy me within five minutes. I love seeing Robert DeNiro do some real acting instead of just doing a parody of himself in comedies.  I even like that Bradley Cooper can go all out and play a damaged character while still keeping his humanity fully intact.  But the real star of this picture is Jennifer Lawrence.  Her characterization of Nikki; (a woman who was once sexually promiscuous after her husband died) is the kind of role you show to other actors and say "That's how you play a scene". Not only does she shatter the expectations of what other characters think of her.  She also destroyed my preconceived notions of what I thought this character would be.  The ending of this movie made my heart jump and proved that no matter what type of shit you've been through.  There is someone who understands and maybe has gone through similar rough times.  She even holds her own in scenes with DeNiro and at the end he says he's impressed.  So are we Mr. DeNiro.

Photos and Videos.


  1. She's super-fine. Plus, a really good actress.

    1. Indeed She is. Miss Lawrence is a double threat.

  2. Great post. I remember the first time I saw her on the awards circuit for Winter's Bone, I was like, Wait, that's the same girl I just saw in Winter's Bone? What?

    She really went all in for that role. Loved her in SLP as well.

    1. Watching her in SLP makes me want to rewatch Hunger Games. Thanks for the comment

  3. I'm just going to point out the obvious, but Jennifer Lawrence played the role of Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook, not Nikki.

    1. Damn it your right. Nikki is the name of his ex. Thanks for pointing out that mistake.

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