Monday, January 21, 2013

Manic Blog Loving Monday 01/21/2012: Podcast edition

As I write this I'm also preparing for a fun work week as well.  The new job has just started and I'm a tad bit nervous.  Lately new jobs have not gone to well with me, and as much as I hate the hours.  I do love the location.

This week I wanted to highlight some podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis.  The hosts on each of these are not only very intelligent, but extremely personable and funny too.  Now it's true they don't quite compare to the podcast I cohost called As You Watch, but they are all very good and I highly recommend each one.

Note*  I'm only covering six at a time but I will be back in two weeks to feature more

Reel Insight.

On each episode Jess and Rachel take a particular actor or actress and do a retrospective on their career. I love it because I get to hear about movies I may have missed, and that is a lot of fun  They also do reviews on recent movies, and the best part is they read back viewer mail on the air.

Lee and Dan's Midnight Movie Club.

I only recently began listening to this show, but two episodes in I am already hooked.  Lee and Dan both focus on just one movie and like forensic scientists.  They detail that sucker and dig up facts about each flick that I never saw before and it made me want to go back and check it out.

Movie Mavericks Podcast.

If this were a live show I would watch it. Trevor and Jason are such  great hosts that even if I don't agree 100 percent of what they are praising or dissing.  I'm still interested in what they are saying because their reviews are well planed out before hand.

The Lair of the Unwanted.

Nolhan, Nick, and Jason are what I call humanitarians of movies.  On each episode they review some pretty  crappy movies that no one should have to sit through.  They also do some good ones too, but it's the bad ones that are the most fun. The shows are now hosted on the brand new site Your Face and even though you can click on the highlighted link above to take you there.  I had to re post the URL.

French Toast Sunday.

It's not easy to find others that have the same love of movies as you do.  It's even more hard to find a group that has enough chemistry to talk with for an hour or more.  Marc, Will, Jesse, Rob, Nick(Hi Nick) and Lindsay are all good friends and it shows because unlike a lot of other podcasts.  They record their shows live with everyone in the same room.  I love their top 3 lists, but I really love their murder mystery episodes even more.

Katzenjammer Radio.

Nick from As You Watch Podcast has started his own podcast with Katzenjammer Radio.  He is joined by writers Reis, and Michael to discuss the life and films of master animator Hayo Miyazaki.  It's a good in depth episode and I look forward to the next one.

Have a great rest of the week.  I'll try and be back as soon as I can


  1. Vern, thanks for the kind words. We wish the show was live too! A bunch of great podcasts, we at Movie Mavericks are in good company here.

    1. Your are welcome Trevor. I love the celebrity impersonations you feature on the show as well as your box office predictions

  2. Thanks for the mention Vern! I only hope that it wasn't our two best podcasts that you listened to and everything else will be a let down! Let me know if that turns out to be the case and I'll chastise Dan for you (it would be his fault I'm sure).

    1. It was the Die Hard with a Vengence and Batman Returns show. I'm planing on checking out Krull and Fifth Element next.

  3. Awww hell yeah! That's super awesome praise coming from you Vern and you already know I love As You Watch.

    I love Lee and Dan's Midnight Movie Club as well. I should get better at telling them that !

    1. Thanks Lindsay. I would love to stop by during the summer and visit with you and the rest of the toastians