Monday, January 28, 2013

The Vern sings about Zero Dark Thirty(in style of Eye of the Tiger)

Zero Dark Thirty

Cast:  Jessica Chastian, Joel Edgerton

Writer: Mark Boal

Director: Kathryn Bigelow

** and a 1/2 *'s out of four.

I'm posting another one of these song parodies, because I have such a fun time making them.  One of these days I will have to muster up the courage and record me singing one,but I'm pretty damn sure that none of you would want to hear that.  So I don't have to let that worry me.  If you do want me to sing the next one.  Leave me a message in the comments.  If I get more then 15, I will do it.

This time I changed the lyrics of the 80's arena rock anthem "Eye of The Tiger" and had it match my thoughts on the Oscar nominated war flick. "Zero Dark Thirty"  Enjoy.

Zero Dark Thirty: Movie Review  (In Style of  "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor)

Verse one

Middle East
At a black site

CIA's doing torture

Water boarding some unfortunate perp
They may just break his will to survive

So Maya is the new girl on the team
feels bad for what they are doing

Don't cry for her, cause she will be just fine.
She will fight and not one will be alive


Its the Zero Dark Thirty
It's just paperwork thrills

lot of talking
but not so much on action

And the last half of film
is where the action all  went

But there's just way too many damn scenes

Of procedure.

Verse 2.

Back to back
2nd war flick

Big e low's
Making money

An Oscar win
Is the best thing she wants

But she can't spect
lighting to strike twice

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3.

  This manhunt should be real tense.
   After all. It's Bin La Din.

Instead of thrills
I just get bureaucrats

and they make it tough to stay awake

(Repeat Chorus).


  1. LOL, this is awesome! I don't know if I want you to sing the next one... You're probably a better singer than I, lol.

    1. Thanks Dan. I'll only sing when the moment's right or if I know the auidence is drunk

  2. A proficient exercise in re-creating the key events...but little insight into the wider implications of the assassination of America's greatest bogeyman.

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