Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Vern's Singing Review of Les Miserables.

Les Miserables.

Cast:  Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway

Writer: William Nicholson (Screenplay)

Director: Tom Hooper

** and a 1/2 *'s out of four

Since "Les Miserables" is a musical I have decided to post a review that you can sing along to.  This will not be an original track because it would cost too much to record and end up taking a lot of useless time as well.  So instead I'm just going to change the lyrics to a well known song instead.  I thought about changing the lyrics to another musical number, but those are very long to begin with and I'm not sure how long you are going to stay with this concept.  What am I going to bring you is a review of this beloved musical in the style of "The Brady Bunch Theme"

 Here's a story of a man name Javert(Russell Crowe) who is busy hunting a man called Jean Valjean( Hugh Jackman).

Valjean vowed his life of crime was over, but then he broke parole.

Here's a story of a girl named Fantine(Anne Hathaway) who sends money to her illegitimate daughter.

Once the foreman hears about this,she is fired.   Then she becomes a whore.

Then  the  one day  where the  Valjean  meets the Fantine, and he vows that he will protect her daughter Cossette(Amanda Seyfried)

But the Girl ends up in love with Marius(Eddie Redmayne)

Who then join a revolution and people die.

"Les Miserables", "Les Miserables"

Performances were good but story dragged.

What do you think of the new format?  Should I do more of these, and make em longer or should I hang up the microphone now.  


  1. Haha this was entertaining... I'd like to see more of these.

    1. Thank you Shane. I may try another one again in Feb or sooner.

  2. While I do like the film, that was an entertaining song to sing to.

    1. Thank you. I love old TV theme songs for giving me the basic story without having to see one episode

  3. I have never read a review as song lyrics. Nice on, Vern. I agree with you. Anne Hathaway was fantastic, but the story was confusing and stupid.

    1. Thank you very much. Yeah Anne's character goes to being a whore rather kind of quick after losing her job.

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