Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Vern's Movie Contest: Win Redbox codes

Hello All.

It is I The Vern with some important updates.  In March I am going to be starting up a brand new blog entitled The Vern's Video Vortex(click on link to read first post) as well as contribute more reviews to the Cinematic Katzenjammer.  I'm not going to completely abandon this site, but just won't be posting as much stuff.  To thank everyone who has visited this blog.  I am going to hold a contest each week and the winner will score some Redbox codes for free rentals. 

The contest will be very easy.  Just be the first person to answer correctly the five questions and you will win the codes.  I will be announcing the winner each Friday and if you have a blog.  I will write up an article about your site and post links to it the following Tuesday.  I hope you enjoy the game and I look forward to having you all stop by again.  

OK.  So now that we got all of the introductory bull crap out of the way.  Let's get on with the game shall we.

Question 1. 

"Iron Man 3" reunites director Shane Black and actor Robert Downey Jr.  Name the other movie these two have worked on together?

Question 2.

"Side Effects",directed by Steven Soderberg opens this Friday with Rooney Mara and Channing Tatumn.  How many theatrical movies has Mr. Soderberg directed?

Question 3.

"Stoker" is the first English Language film by Chan-wook Park.  Another big Asian director John Woo had his first debut in America with this movie.  What was it?

Question 4.

How many movies have Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant appeared in together?  I will send you a bonus code if you can name them all.

Question 5.

What is the name of Deckard's wife in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"?

I know this week's questions are a bit easy, but I'm just starting here.  Trust me they will get tougher as the weeks go on. 


  1. 1. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.
    2. I think it's 25. Side Effects will be his 26th, then.
    3. It's either Broken Arrow or Hard Target... I'll go with Hard Target.
    4. I know it's four, but the only title I can think is Philadelphia Story.
    5. Iran in the novel, but I don't think he has a wife in Blade Runner.

    1. Congrats Dan. You are the first and only winner this week. I will send you the codes this weekend
      Besides Philadelphia Story. Other movies with Cary and Hepburn were, Brining Up Baby, Holiday, and Sylvia Scarlet

    2. Awesome! I think you already have my email?