Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random thoughts of a movie insomniac.

I suffer from insomnia and some nights I just can't fall asleep.  The following post is just going to be my random thoughts about movies I have watched this week as well as other random shit that has been happening for me.   There is not going to be anything serious, and there may or may not be some spelling mistakes, and for that I apologize, but don't take it seriously.  Alright.

I was fortunate to see both "Oz: The Great and Powerful" and "Stoker" in theatres this week and they were both good.  Oz is the prequel to the classic 1939 feature "The Wizard of Oz".  I was never a huge fan of that movie but I recognize it's importance in the world of filmaking.  With this Sam Raimi has created a family movie that will appeal to all ages.  Director Sam Raimi has expanded the world of Oz and has references to the original movie , but yet it still manages to be it's own thing.   James Franco surprised me in this role, and I thought he was going to be awful.  Yet him, Zach Braff, and Michele Williams all do a really great job.  The best character in this entire viewing experience was the character of the china doll(voiced by Joey King. I believe)  How she is introduced was one of the most emotional experiences I have seen so far this year, and it brought a tear to my eye.  I understand why Disney said in the trailers that this is from the director of "Spider-Man" Trilogy.  But this has more in common with Raimi's "Evil Dead" movies then it does with the webcrawler.  There is a scene when Oz is walking through the dark forest and the vines are attacking that remind me of the rape tree from the first move.  Also there is a moment where a witch appears that looks exactly like the one Ash fights in "Army of Darkness".   General audiences won't noticed those little touches but films fans like you and I will.

The other movie I saw and will be posting soon over at The Cinematic Katzenjammer was "Stoker". This was the English language debut from director Chan-wook Park.  I shouldn't even have to name his other movies because you should know who he is, but I will highly recommend "Thirst"  and "I'm a Cyborg,but That's OK" as other ones to seek out.  "Stoker" is a visual treat with great creepy performances from the cast.  Sadly, the trailer ends up being better then the movie.  I'm not saying it was bad and that you shouldn't waste your money on it.  I was just expecting this to be one awesome time, and it was only just good.  My opinion about this will change once I watch this again.

Now let's take a quick music break. One of my friends posted this artist called Santigold on her spotify playlists.  When I went to look up other songs by this person, I noticed a song I've been hearing at work alot, but could not place who sang it..   I am posting two videos from her because I think she is awesome and one that should be played more.

I don't care if Metric is consider to be a hipster band or not because they are fucking incredible and my god Emily Haines has the sexiest legs in music ever.

The last band I'm posting is the group known as BabyMetal. I could describe who they are, but it's best you just watch.

Yeah that was too awesome for me not to post another video. Your Welcome

On video, I watched "The Public Enemy" with James Cagney and revisited the classic "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".(you can read the full reviews by clicking the titles) An enjoyable gangster thriller that also features sexy screen siren Joan Blondell.  I also had a chance to see a little known flick called "Eating Raoul".  It's another dark satire from the director of" Death Race 2000", Paul Bartell.  He stars in the movie along with Mary Woronov as a couple stuck in the 50's living in an apartment filled with swingers and other perverts.  I will be posting a review of it on my Criterion Corner section over at The Vern's Video Vortex.

This brings me to the last portion of this rant and it's a question for you.  Why do you enjoy movie blogging? Is it the interaction with other film fans.  Are you looking to expand your writings more.  Leave me a comment below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


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  3. Aside from To The Wonder, I've also tried to convince my local theatre to show Stoker but they're not that enthusiastic about the idea either. I'm still anticipating your review of it at CineKatz. I hope I'll get to see it somewhere else, maybe the film festival that's being held in Helsinki in the autumn..

    I loved your review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and your new blog over at the Vortex is very helpful to me as I don't know that much about classics so by reading your blog I'll get to know them better and pick up on my knowledge. :) So thank you for that. Got to check Roger Rabbit some day soon. And sorry for that deleted comment, it had so many typos that I had to post a new one. :D

    1. Thank you very much for reading. I have enjoyed the posts you have done so far on your site too. I always try to support fellow movie lovers. Stoker is good ,but it's not for everyone. That is not a bad thing though. Not everyone should like the same thing.

  4. I do have insomnia spells too at times where I watch films late at night because there's nothing to do.

    I'm with you on Emily Haines. She's so gorgeous.

    1. Thank you The Void for stopping by. Yes I could stare at Emily Haines legs all day. Wait.. What... Who said that?

  5. Ugh. Insomnia -- I have problems with that too, so I feel your pain. I am really looking forward to the Oz movie, because of the deep love I had, as a child, for that series of books. :-) I'm so glad you liked it.

    I guess the thing I like best about blogging is the sense of community. Most days, it's as close as I get from hanging out with a bunch of cool people with similar interests. ;-)

    1. Thanks for stoping by Quirky. Oz: Great and Powerful has more love of the source material then Return to Oz had. That is a good response for reasons to blog. I enjoy meeting new friends who share similar interests and they help me discover movies I never heard of before. Adding your site to my blogroll