Saturday, April 27, 2013

Naomi Watts comes from a land Down Under, but we are glad she lives here.

It's been quite a few months since I last posted one of these articles, but I had problems trying to find an actress that would fit good here. I can't just put any girl on here just because I think she looks hot.    Every single woman who has been on this list so far have been very talented within their field, and they just happen to be very beautiful.  I thought for this entry I would give praise to an actress who fits these criteria and then some.  That's right, I bring you the work of Naomi Watts.

The Films.

Tank Girl. 1995

This was the movie I first remembered seeing Miss Watts in, but I completely forgot that she was even in this until may years later.  In this Comic book Fantasy she plays the role of Jet Girl who is the sidekick to  Lori Petty's Tank Girl.  As you can see from the above pic it's not very easy to remember who she was. Luckily she went back to being blond.

Mulholland Dr. 2001

This is one twisted mystery, but from the mind of David Lynch.  Who would want anything more, right.  Naomi plays the roll of Betty, a girl from Kansas who comes out to LA for an audition.  She ends up meeting a lady with amnesia(Laura  Harring) and the two sleuths ("Did you say two youths"?. "No, Fred Gwynne from "My Cousin Vinny". I said Sleuths") go out to investigate.  Things get really strange after that, but it is such a well crafted movie that to call it just a weird would be an insult    Miss Watts should have been nominated as Best Actress for her role.  She is amazing, and no I'm not talking just about the scenes where she gets naked.

The Ring. 2002

The buzz for "Mulholland Drive" gave this Australian Beauty her first mainstream role in a big blockbuster.  Adapted from the Japanese film "Ringu". "The Ring" was North America's first attempt to bring the J-Horror phenomenon to an English speaking audience, and they loved it.  This was one of the top grossing horror movies of 2002 and it spawned a sequel which I will not bother to talk about because it is complete crap.   In "The Ring" Miss Watts not only  proved that she could be the lead actress in a blockbuster, but also proved that she has the talent to be a box office draw as well.

21 Grams. 2003

After the success of "The Ring"  Naomi could have easily gone the route that many actresses take and just appear in one big blockbuster after another.  I'm very glad she chose the latter because if she did go the other route we wouldn't get this really great performance of a mother who has lost her entire family to a hit and run accident.   It's non linear plot my frustrate a few of you, but stay with it because it has a really good pay off at the end.

We Don't Live Here Anymore.  2004

This was a drama  I don't  remember even being in theatres, and if someone had not giving me their copy.  I would have forgotten about it completely.   Miss Watts plays a married woman who is having an affair with Mark Ruffalo's character.  The entire cast including Laura Dern and Peter Krause are good, really good.  It's just the story and directing are weak enough for me not to actively seek this one out, but if it was on TV again.  I would stop and watch it.

I Heart Huckabees. 2004

It's been said before that comedy is way more difficult to perform then drama .  This very much explains way we haven't seen Miss Watts perform in them much.  This is actually  kind of sad because she is  very charismatic and funny when she wants to be.  In David O Russel's absurdity comedy.  She plays the spokes model of a department store chain who begins to doubt her own work when she meets two existential detectives played by Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin.   This is a movie that you are either going to love or will completely hate. There is no middle ground here.  I am on the love it side,but I can understand why some of you would not be in to this movie.  It just proves they have no soul, that's all.  Just teasing.

Elle Parker. 2004

Based on a short movie, Naomi Watts plays a struggling actress who goes on a series of auditions.  I loved the energy that she ensures but this is not a good movie as you can tell from the above scene.  It's basically an hour and a half of that, and the jokes get worse much much worse. But hey at least she's trying things, right.  This really should have stayed as a short feature.

King Kong. 2005

Being highly regarded as an actress with a well known name.  Naomi Watts hasn't appeared in too many mainstream features. The other one she was in was Peter Jackson's retelling of the classic feature "King Kong".  In this Miss Watts basically plays the damsel who are ape friend ends up getting the hots over.  This is a long movie that feels like one.  I hope they release a cut that is shorter because only then would I watch this again

Eastern Promises. 2007

In this drama from director David Cronenberg.  Naomi plays a nurse who discovers a diary from a 14 year old girl who dies in childbirth.  Her investigations lead her to the Russian mob  and their driver/cleaner played by Viggo Mortensen.   Viggo's character must decide wither to remain loyal to his crime family or to help this nurse with her investigation.   This is one that a lot of people loved, but for me it ends up to be kind of dull.  There is nothing wrong with either the directing or acting.  I just could not get into the story as much as I wanted too.

Funny Games. 2007

I know this may sound somewhat controversial to a few of you purists out there.  But I liked this remake more then the original.  Not to dis on Michael Haneke's 1997 feature about a family who are forced to participate in a series of sick activities by two sociopaths.  I just found the characters to be a bit more interesting here then in the earlier version.   What I love best about this movie is that all of the violent acts are done off screen.  We become participants in watching this family suffer because we want to see the violence inflicted on them. This could also be a statement about our love of watching violent entertainment which is why many people were angered by it.  Well that and it's ending .

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.  2010

Having worked with a bunch of great directors before, It seems only obvious that she would work with Woody Allen. It's too bad that her debut with him wasn't anything that special.  In this comedy she is married to Josh Brolin but soon becomes infatuated with Antonio Banderas while her husband becomes smitten(do people use that word anymore) with Frida Pinto. I don't recall much more about the movie then just the basic  plot line because it's resolution wasn't anything worth praising.  The entire cast is fine, but no one here really shines.

The Impossible.  2012

WOW.   I am so angry that I did not see this when it came out, because it would have easily been in my top five list of favorite films of 2012.   This is an amazing story based a real life family who become separated after a Tsunami destroys their resort while they are vacationing in Thailand.  This was one of the most intense disaster movies ever made, and if Jennifer Lawrence wasn't nominated for "Silver Linings Playbook".  My pick would have gone to Miss Watts because she was great in this role.

The Photos.


  1. I love Naomi Watts. Not only is she fine as hell and I envy Liev Schreiber for getting to tap that every night. She's also one of the best actresses working today. I also noticed her in Tank Girl as she was the one thing in that film that I liked. Then I saw her in very obscure neo-noir film called Persons Unknown w/ Joe Mantegna, Kelly Lynch, and Jon Faverau. It's a very underrated film that I widely recommend and then... she kind of disappeared.

    Thank goodness for Mulholland Dr. for bringing her back as she's just knocked it out of the park in every film she's in. Some of my favorite moments in I Heart Huckabees involve her eating chocolate, wearing a bonnet, mocking Isla Fisher, and saying "Fuckabees".

    1. Ha Ha Ha Yes. I forgot about the whole Fuckabees line. I'm glad to know you liked that movie as well

  2. I wouldn t mind greeting her in portugal neither.
    Beautifull and talented

    1. Thank you for the comment sir. I'm betting she would be accepted where ever she goes

  3. Naomi Watts is such an amazing actress. She's never had a bad performance, and that's something only a fraction of actresses today can say :)

  4. Great tribute of one of my favorite actresses. I really love the hell out of Naomi Watts. She's given so many amazing performances, but I think my favorite is 21 Grams. Such power there.

    1. Oh I agree with 21 Grams. That woman has deserved many Oscars and its a shame she has only been nominated so few times. Thanks for the comment

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