Monday, April 15, 2013

The Vern vs. The MTV Movie Awards.

Last night I could have spent time reading a book or looking for a better job.  I could have seen a new movie in theatres or re watched an old favorite at home.  But instead I decided to watch the MTV Movie Awards.  Now I don't usually like it when the general public picks the winners for movies because they usually chose just whatever is hot at the moment.  But then again one could say the same thing for the more prestige award shows too.   This is the first time in a really long long long while that I even watched MTV for longer then two minutes.  Not counting the one time I passed out and had to endure reruns of The Hills on mute and was waiting for Robin Leech to come out and bitch slap the entire cast(Older people will get that last reference I hope).  I wasn't really expecting too much from this show, and so I will tell you what worked and what should have been burned.

The host this year was Rebel Wilson whom you may remember from such comedies "Bridesmaides" and "Pitch Perfect".  She doesn't have quite the charisma to host a live television event just yet, but she shows some promise. The only thing she failed at completely were all the pointless skits she appeared in.  I don't blame that on her.  I blame the writers on that one. The first award was for Best Male performance and I was glad to see Bradley Cooper from "Silver Linings Playbook" win that one.  It was one of those smaller movies that not a lot of people saw and I'm glad he got some recognition.  They gave out an award to Samuel Jackson and Jamie Foxx for Best WTF moment( "Django Unchained" ) and "The Avengers" won the award for Best Fight.  These were all good movies and I found no fault with them winning awards.  It was even cool to see Emma Watson  and Jamie Foxx both win awards that highlight the career.  For a movie award show that was aimed at teens I was surprised that there was no mention of "Twilight:Breaking Dawn. Part 2".  Was this because it was nominated and won a few Razzie awards.  I'm not sure. The rest of the winners all seemed legitimate with Jennifer Lawrence winning her third or fourth major televised award for Best Actress. Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFarland winning for best Duo on screen("Ted") made sense because they were the only ones next to Miss Lawrence and Mr. Cooper who appeared on screen together longer then the other nominees.  The Silver Linings duo did snatch up an award for Best Kiss, and I was glad to see that one win because it was one that made sense in the context of that plot.  Now while it was great to see all these deserved wins.  There were some aspects where the show falters.

Skits involving Danny Mcbride and Seth Rogen taking off their pants to show off gags involving their genitalia was anything but and they used that same stint before on other award shows.  Ezra Miller being nominated for Best Breakthrough performance for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" made me laugh because his first role in a movie was "City Island" and he got big praise from "We Need to Talk About Kevin" last year.  It would be like giving one to Michael Shannon for "Man of Steel" even though he has been in many other flicks over the past few years.  The presenters having to tell really bad scripted jokes before they presented an award was also very painful  In fact most celebrities on this show seems either amused or somewhat uncomfortable.  Take a good look at the presenters or the winners on here.  They all have this look that says.

"Yes. I am glad you paid to see my movie and I'm extremely happy you love me so much,but I really don't want to be here."

  That is why you did not see Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Lawrence announce the trailer for their upcoming films at this award show. I never once heard of an actor go on to better roles because they won Best Scared as S**t performance. Also when a celebrity is on stage to accept an award or present one. the audience somehow has to scream really loud every time they end a thought.   Award shows like this and the ones done on other stations such as Spike TV are just ways for studios to sell their movies to a more younger demographic and that's fine.  I have no real issue with that.  I just feel that they are telling our youth("Yutes? Did you say yutes?". Another older reference, sorry) what to think is cool, but like I said before that could also be said about other award shows too. Producers get to pimp their actors and upcoming projects and to have the audience vote on the winners gives them all a win because it's almost free advertising.

With this movie award season done. I was more impressed at who won rather then the award show it self.  What do you think of award shows?  Do they help influence you into what to see or does the movie do that itself.


  1. I haven't watched MTV for years and there is no way it will ever bring me back. I'm sorry you wasted your time on all of that bullshit. Plus, it's just a stupid award show that gives awards to people that don't really need them. Yeah, giving Will Ferrell an award for his comedy work is great but was only to get ratings. It's a self-congratulations award bullshit.

    1. Exactly. It's just a two hour long commercial for studios to plug their latest movies.