Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Vern hosts The LAMBcast #167: American Psycho.

Yes Folks as you can tell I am back and can't wait to begin this summer with not only this site, but The Video Vortex as well as The As You Watch Podcast.  Before I had any of my computer problems I was a guest, no wait scratch that. I hosted The Lambcast for the very first time. The episode I hosted was all about "American Psycho" which was my choice to win the movie of the month over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs.  This was a very difficult episode to record because I had no idea that I would be the host until the time came to actually start recording.  Luckily for me, my three great cohosts(Lindsay and Jess of French Toast Sunday and Kristen of Journeys in Classic Films) helped me with getting everything ready and despite a few hiccups(mainly from me). I think we put together a really good show.  I also want to thank everyone for submitting their reviews for this movie.  I urge you to please read their reviews by clicking on the link below.   I would love to stay and talk more , but I gotta go return some videotapes.
LAMBcast #167:  American Psycho (Hear The Show)

 MOTM: American Psycho (Read the Reviews) 




  1. Good work, it was an interesting discussion of a difficult-to-understand movie. Turned me into a fan of the LAMBcast!

    1. Thank you for your very kind comment. If you are a member of The LAMB you should join the forums and request a spot on an upcoming show. They are allways looking for new blood.