Friday, May 3, 2013

The Vern's 2013 Summer Movie Vacation Special.

 Hello Hello everyone.

Today marks the start of summer because the blockbuster season rolls into theatres everywhere this weekend.   Hell in even places where there is no sun or people can't afford the luxury of  electricity.  There is the start of the summer blockbuster season.   Although this year there are not as many titles I am excited to see as I was other years. I thought I would still share with you the ones I want to see the most.  Now I left a lot off this list because these are the ones I want to see in theatres.  There are many that I want to watch but I can check those out at home.  The rest are ones I will gladly spend money on.

Pacific Rim. 07/12

Giant Monsters Vs Giant Mecha Robots.  How could I not want to see this. Guillermo del Toro has basically made a live action "Robotech aka Macross" movie and has infused Godzilla into it's mix.   Am I over hyping it?  Yeah maybe just a tad, but I don't care because the trailers and ads I have seen make this look epic.  I hope this does well because I already want a sequel.

Iron Man 3 .05/03

This is the start of the new set of films featuring a different Marvel character that will eventually end with "The Avengers 2".  Shane Black takes over the director's chair from Jon Favreau , and I'm glad to see him and Robert Downy Jr reunite.  The last time these two worked together they brought us the brilliant action comedy "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".  I  usually hate movies when they go past a certain number because many of them tend to repeat themselves.  However with this franchise I want to see more and I hope some day that they will tie in all of the Marvel characters together and make an "Infinity Gauntlet" movie.

Much Ado About Nothing. 06/07

After the success of "The Avengers" and "Cabin in The Woods" Joss Whedon could have easily done any movie he wanted.  I'm sure studios everywhere were giving him a whole slew of properties where he would have made just as much money if not more.  But instead he decides to make a small independent movie on a very small budget.  Based on the play by William Shakespeare, and filmed in Black and White.  This doesn't appear to match the other pieces of work that Whedon has done.  Yet the way the characters speak to each other in that "Shakespeare Style" kind of does.  It would be great to see the trailer of this get played before the many superhero movies  this summer because of Whedon's connection with the Marvel franchise. However since it is a small movie I doubt major theatre chains would.  Besides most general audiences don't give a crap at what other projects filmmakers do.  Yet it would be nice if it did help spark the interest of  one  person to seek out other works from directors.

The Wolverine. 07/26

If this movie is even just 15 percent better than "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" I will be happy.  The story of this one is taken right from the comics and I like that.  Oh sure there will have to be some changes in order to adapt it to the big screen but from what I have seen so far this looks to be pretty exciting.  The director is James Mangold who has made the western "3 10 to Yuma" and one of my favorites "Girl Interrupted".  It would be great to see what he would do with this property.

The Bling Ring.  06/14

I have been a fan of Sofia Coppola's directing ever since "The Virgin Suicides" and I have been following her  career ever since than.  Her latest movie, I'm hoping is one that will give her more notice amongst the general public.  The story of teenagers who break into celebrity homes looks very different from the other ones she has done, and yet I can still expect the great use of dry humor and wonderful visuals.  Emma Watson stars in this feature and I'm glad of all the "Harry Potter" kids she is the one to have a good career.

Only God Forgives.  05/24

The star and director of one of my favorite flicks from 2011 "Drive" reunites again and I couldn't be any happier .  "Only God Forgives" seems to have the same look as Nicolas Winding Refn's earlier movie "Bronson" and Ryan Gosling looks just as hardcore as Tom Hardy was in that movie. Kristen Scott Thomas looks really sexy and very menacing too   I can not wait.

Before Midnight. 05/24

This is the latest sequel in the series of movies by director Richard Linklatter and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.  If you haven't seen the other movies in this series.  I strongly suggest you check them out because they are hands down one of the best movies about romance that I have ever seen.  Instead of having characters fall in love for no damn reason what so ever.  The couple in this one slowly begin to understand each other and than begin falling in love.  I know many of you out there will find this dull, but a lot of you will hopefully find this to be refreshing. In order, the movies go "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset, "Before Midnight".

Kick Ass 2. 08/16

From reading the comic that this was based on.  I'm surprised that this didn't get a higher rating than an R.  If they pull this off right Christopher Mintz-Plasse could be able to shed his whole "McLovn" persona because this character he plays does some pretty horrendous things.  Chloe Grace Moretz in my opinion looks to be a bit too old to be playing the role of Hit Girl and yet there is no one else that can.  So it has to be her.  The stand out performance by fair has got to be Jim Carrey.  I haven't been this excited about a movie starring Mr. Carrey since "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and this role seems to echo his more earlier wacky ones like "The Mask", but with a much darker edge.

What summer movie are you looking forward to the most this year?  Leave comments and suggestions below.


  1. SOOOO excited about Much Ado about Nothing!!!

    1. I agree Cinema Schminema. Joss Whedon doing Shakespeare looks really good

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