Thursday, July 4, 2013

Direct to DVD Reviews of Cherry Bomb and Cat Run.

Hello Everyone.  In this entry I am going to look at two direct to DVD features about women who have been scorned and want revenge.   Cherry Bomb and Cat Run.

Cherry Bomb

Cast: Julin, Nick Manning, John Gabriel Rodriquez
Writers: Kyle Day, Garrett Hargrove
Director: Kyle Day.
* and a 1/2 out of Four

Cherry Bomb(Julin) is a stripper at a low rent club who has the misfortune of meeting up with some clients who attack and rape her. Wanting vengeance she teams up with her brother Brandon(John Gabriel Rodriquez) to exact revenge on the group.  As they go through the list they find a much bigger man named Bull(Allen Hackley) who will stop at nothing to make sure she stays quiet. 

This is a really low budget flick with not so great acting by its main cast.  The plot is easy to understand and for your basic revenge story. It could have been a lot worse.  John Gabriel Rodriguez give a great performance as Cherry's brother and some of the revenge scenarios were fun to watch. When Julin is in her exotic stripper mode or seeking revenge.  She is fun to watch.  But when she tries to omit any type of dramatic performance it just comes off as laughable.  This is a woman who was raped and left for dead and she plays it off like an after school special on broadcast TV.  Cherry Bomb does show that you don't need a lot of cash to make a movie and that result shows in the final product.At the end I wasn't happy about seeing this, but I wasn't upset either.  No like  the next flick featured below.

        (This poster is really misleading)

Cat Run.

Cast: Paz Vega, Janet McTeer, Scott Mechlowicz
Writers: Nick Ball, John Niven
Director: John Stockwell

1/2 * out of four

A high priced call girl named Catalina (Paz Vega) is on the run from a crooked politician(Chirstopher McDonald) after she witnesses him kill one of her co-workers. She soon crosses path with two college kids named Anthony(Scott Mechlowicz) and Julian(Alphonso McAuley). After she steals the boy's phone and car. Anthony claims to be in love with her and begins following her. There is also a professional hit woman named Helen Bingham(Janet McTeer)following her too but she's not out for lust.

There are many things wrong with this film, but the most glaring error is tone. This one jumps from being a sitcom style like comedy to a gritty suspense thriller. Then it jumps over to be an action movie with little or no progression in the plot.The acting is not terrible, but the badly written characters are. Anthony and Julian are the stereotypical duo you have seen in countless other flicks before. The calm and reserved white guy(Anthony) and the fun, fast talking black guy(Julian).  I can buy that Anthony would want to follow Catalina because she does look hot, but I never once bought that he was in love with her. I'm almost willing to be that the man is still a virgin and hasn't met that many woman before.  Helen Bingham is the only character who is somewhat fascinating,but her character development in this is very weak. You can't have a character all of a sudden change attitudes because you need them to for the 3rd act in your story.  Especially after we have seen the things she's done.

The director of this film is John Stockwell who is best known for his roles in Christine and Top Gun. The man can direct and has proven it with movies like Blue Crush, and Turistas. He is able to flesh out as much as he can from this script and made it at least watchable to the end. The screenwriters Nick Ball and John Niven are to blame for this mess. This was their first project and it feels like it. A movie that focuses more on their own sexual fantasies(shy,sensitive guy hooks up with a mysterious hot girl) then telling a complete story.  This was a complete waste of time. What's even more worse is that this looks like a lot of money went into it. Money that could have been spent on something much better.