Friday, August 23, 2013

Kick Ass 2 Doesn't Kick much ass. (Movie Review)

Kick Ass 2.

Cast: Arron Taylor Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey

Writer and Director: Jeff Wadlow

**'s out of Four

In "Kick Ass". Matthew Vaughn gave us a hyper stylized portrayal of what it would look like if everyday people without any special powers became super heroes. It introduced the world to an adorable yet extremely psychotic little 11 year old named Hit Girl, and it was the only super hero movie besides "The Avengers" that I and others stood up and cheered for when it ended.  It was a nice breath of fresh air after we have been getting tons of these superhero flicks for families to watch. When I saw the comic for "Kick Ass 2" in stores I picked it up right away and read the whole thing in one night.  It was a very exciting read that was much darker then I had anticipated.  If a movie was going to do this book any justice it would have had to been rated NC-17 or a very strong R.  Unfortunately the movie at best is a strong PG-13 .

After Big Daddy's death Hit girl(Chloe Grace Moretz) goes to live with her foster father.  He believes that she was robbed of her childhood and wants her to give up her role as a vigilante and be a normal teen girl.  Meanwhile Kick Ass(Aaron Taylor-Johnson) wants to continue his crime fighting spree and gets together a team of other normal citizens including  Captain Stars and Stripes(Jim Carrey) to help out with his task.  Chris D'Amico(Christopher Mintz Plasse) is so distraught after the death of his father that he vows revenge against Kick Ass and becomes The MotherFucker.

In the comic book The MF is a very sick psychotic guy.  He makes The Joker look like Binky from "Garfield and Friends".  The man is not against doing some horrendous things to the people that Dave/Kick Ass cares about.  In one scene of the book he goes after his girlfriend and rapes her. The movie changes the attack to a different character and uses a bad impotent joke instead. I get that having a scene like that would turn off a lot of people, but this is a bad guy.  We are suppose to hate him not just casually laugh at what he does.

The next character that is different from the book is Hit Girl.  In the book she tries the life of a normal girl not because of her foster father, but because of her biological mother(who was just killed off in the first movie).  It made sense that she would make this promise this to her, rather then him.  Even when she does, she still doesn't become friends with anyone.  Least of all the popular students.  The movie suddenly switches gears and we are watching a "Mean Girls" style sitcom.  Mindy aka Hit-Girl becomes so adjusted to being a popular girl that it felt like a completely different character. This was not the same girl who once took out a room full of gangsters with guns.  She almost represents the main girls from "Pretty in Pink" and "She's All That".

In the comic the cops become a major obstacle for Kick Ass and Hit Girl because they are after everyone who wears masks both good and bad.  This was a major plot point in the book but is dwindled down in the movie. The book even lands on a  great cliff hanger that sets it up for another sequel.  The movie however just ends with everything turning out just right.

I know it's not fair to compare books to movies, but there was so much that could have been done with this.  Director and writer Jeff Wadlow should have used Matthew Vaughn's writing partner Jane Goldman in adapting this script.  Her and Vaughn understood the source material and really got a lot of the dark humor associated with it.  Kick Ass 2 was fun watching because I like these characters I just wish that is was in someone else's hands.


  1. Good review Vern. It wasn't a bad movie really, it was just very dull, whereas the first one actually had some spunk and a heart to it.

  2. Yeah I agree I just wasn't cheering for this like the first one. Thanks for taking the time to read my my review.

  3. I saw Kick Ass when I was in 11th Grade, and loved it! It's probably my favourite Nicolas Cage role ever. I was put-off by Kick Ass 2, initially because I thought it couldn't possibly top the first one. I find it interesting that you say it's at best 'PG-13.' There was this movie reviewer on Roger Ebert's website who said the use of violence in this film is deplorable and blah blah blah. With all the mixed feelings from critics (most of them bad) I'm so tempted to just go see this movie!

    1. If you liked the first one it's worth checking out, and my review is a bit biased because I was such a big fan of the book. Im not saying it had to copy the book exactly but I was disappointed at what they left out. Thanks for stopping by.

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