Saturday, September 28, 2013

Potpourri (2011) Full Movie Review.

Cast: Ryan Kiser,Brandon Van Villet,Shannon McDonough

Writer and Director: Elliot Diviney

*** and 1/2 *'s out of four.

Where to begin with a flick known simply as "Potpourri"  It's part zombie movie, part drug film that has elements of a medieval adventure with a few musical numbers mixed in.  It is somewhat hard to describe the story and yet it is the funnest movie I have seen in a really long time.  I mentioned before in my short review that when it finished I wanted to sit down and watch it again.  Now that I have I can give it a proper review.

It starts with a web video by a Richard Randolph(Tony D Czech) who introduces the movie to us and throughout, adds little comments about it here and there. We are then introduced to a cop(Gary David Keast) who soon discovers that the use of a powerful narcotic is being distributed to the city of Minneapolis MN. The opening plays on those type of cop show tropes and gives us a nice transition to the main credits. Next we meet a group of college kids who have to submit a philosophy paper that will either make or break their grade.  There is a funny moment when the professor(Mathew Feeny) responds to a question about the use of time travel in "Back to the Future Part II".  To help them relax a little before they attempt their paper.  They are each giving a brand new drug to try.  Their responses are each different but highly (and I do endorse the word "High" ly ) enjoyable. Well enjoyable for the audience to watch.

Perry Chang(Punnavith Koy) believes that he is a knight on a quest to rescue the beautiful Princess Areola (Jessica Cameron).  Marnie Reese(Shannon McDonough) imagines herself in a musical and I gotta say the songs featured are not perfect but they are pretty catchy. In order to help her boyfriend Will(Brent Stariha) study for the paper. Emma(Jenelle Kidd) gets what she thinks is Ritalin from her dealer Frankie(Brandon Van Villet).  However he accidentally gave them both hallucinogens.  Emma at one point views her world as a rotoscoped animation movie via "Waking Life. While Will is somehow transported to the medieval world to help out Perry.  There is also Noah Wells(Ryan Kiser) who has the ability to manipulate time and Brandon himself becomes an undead flesh eater and starts a zombie outbreak.  If any of this sounds confusing, stick with it because everything comes together for a satisfying ending.

"Potpourri"is the type of movie one watches with friends either at a party or afterwards when the bar closes.  I have been to many parties back in my youth and this would have been on my top list of films to show people.  Hell I would still show this movie to my friends now just for the sure enjoyment factor of it.  I like that when something doesn't make sense in the movie.  Mr Randolph breaks in to make a few fun comments about it.  The characters are all great because they reminded me of people I once knew and some that I still do.  Being from Minneapolis, MN also makes this fun to watch.   I enjoy watching movies that are set in my home town and I enjoy ones that are filmed here even more. If I would have known this was being made,I would have gladly volunteered to help out with any of the production.   I will continue to seek out writer and director Elliot Diviney's works because the man does have a lot of talent. This is considered to be a fun B style movie with somewhat low production costs and if that is not your cup of tea.  This will not be for you.  Yet when a movie has several moments that surprised me when I watched it. I gotta give it high praise and "Potpourri" has plenty of "High" praise,with or without the use of powerful narcotics.


  1. This movie sounds wild. I've never heard of it until now. Great review!

    1. Thanks. Watch it with something like "Kentucky Fried Movie" or "Sharknado", Have a fun B movie night and pop these flicks in

  2. I had actually heard of this from one of my Facebook friends. I am kind of 50/50 on movies like this. Like Sharknado for your example, I just hated it, but on the other hand Sharktopus, I found hilarious. I'll give this a chance

  3. Thanks for the comment Lord Dixie. Potpourri doesn't try to be the best(insert genre ____ here) and that's what I love about it. It's like watching your friends make a movie, and the movie turns out to be more fun then you expected. I must now seek out Sharktopus.

  4. Hmmm... Almost reminds me of a lower budget John Dies at the End. I'm officially intrigued. Just added it to my instant queue.

    1. Awesome Barry. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading

  5. Funny that I just noticed this title tonight while sifting through Netflix streaming, and I was intrigued. I love watching filmmakers try (usually without success) to replicate the sensation of being high. Did I mention that I just saw this title on Netflix tonight? Who has the Funyuns?

    1. I will bring the Funyuns I don't think they get the experience of being high, (not that I would know) but it does look like a lot of fun. Thanks for reading

  6. Nice will have to add this one to my Netflix Queue it sounds wild, nice find

    1. Thank you. It's a movie that is off the wall but a lot of fun.

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