Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Vern's adventures in As You Watch and The LAMBcast.

Hello Ladies on Germs.

Well for this week's edition of The As You Watch Podcast updates.  I am going to be posting a show we did over two weeks ago, but I swear the next one will be more up to date.  It was still a fun episode and if you have not heard it yet.  it's worth clicking on the link below.  On the show Nick and I debate about what is the best football movie.  This was a tough task for me because I barely watch the sport, but I took up the challenge and chose "Any Given Sunday",while Nick chose "Remember The Titans".  Do you think our host and moderator Joe chose the best movie. What do you think of his opening theme song.  Please leave comments on the site or below.  They will be read in a upcoming episode.

 As You Watch:  Any Given Sunday vs Remember The Titans


I also was a guest on a recent episode of The LAMBcast.  Well recent as of September 13/2013.  The topic for that show was "Roll Your Own Top 5" and the concept is really self explanatory.  Jason from Your Face was the host, and I was surrounded by a group of great guests including. Nick of Your Face, Mette of Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, and Todd of Forgotton Films.  This was a very funny episode, and everyone here has put together a great top five list.  If that wasn't enough to get you to click the link below.  You also get to hear me sing during several parts of the episode.  Look out for a musical episode of The LAMBcast coming soon.

LAMBcast 183:  Roll Your Own Top 5