Friday, November 1, 2013

How to have A Night of Horror or 3 best ways to watch a movie.

Hello again, everyone who still reads these posts.  I apologize for the lack of writing stuff this week, but I wanted to take some time between work to actually see some more movies.  Moving forward.  I plan on  keeping these night of horror sections going at least twice a month.  Halloween may be over, but my love of the genre will never die.  

 Recently I got to experience Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" on the big screen.  Yes I call it Kubrick's "The Shining" and not Stephen King's because both are entirely separate from each other.  Click on the title in red if you want to read more about how I compare both the book, the film, and the mini series.   I'm not going to delve into what I think the movie really means because there are way too many videos of that already.  "Room 237" is a 90 minute running commentary by a lot of conspiracy enthusiasts who have spent way too much time watching this.  It's fascinating that a movie can bring out all these ideas in people,but sometimes I feel they are stretching things a bit much.   Now I have seen this at least once a year, and usually around every Halloween.  But this is the first time watching it on a big screen, and the experience was a lot more terrifying for me. Well maybe terrifying is too strong a word, but I was very disturbed after I left the theater.  Why was this so?  I have seen this flick countless times.  I know how it ends.  Why was I so distraught this time,and not the others. For me, it was being immersed in a environment that I found difficult to escape from.  It didn't matter if I closed my eyes because I could still hear everything which would automatically cause me to picture those images I was trying to avoid.  I could plug my ears and close my eyes, because the sound in a lot of theaters is too loud.  It wouldn't make any difference.  The Overlook hotel was humongous and seeing everything that large just made everything I was seeing to be that much more intense.  I even jumped a few times because I was admiring something I saw in the background, and then, BAMM scary stuff.  

I love watching horror films in theaters because everything is dark and no one is allowed to talk.  When that happens my mind starts presenting all these scary scenarios that connect my life with the movie I'm watching, and I'm just sort of forced to just sit there and deal with it.  I have had fun experience watching horror at home but I usually follow these key guidelines when I do.

1.  Horror movies can only be watched at night.  If they are watched during the day it has to be when it is raining or a huge snow storm is going on.  If they are watched at night the less lights the more scarier the movie will be.   

2.  Keep distractions away.  When watching a horror film, or any genre for that matter. It's best to remove all sort of distractions before watching it.  Put away the laptop(unless that's what you use to watch movies), Turn your phone to vibrate only, and try your best to  keep conversations with friends or your significant other down to a minimum.  Although this only applies to those who are watching said movie for the first time.  I think it's guidelines are ones that could still be applied.

3.  Know your audience.  If you are having a party and want to show some scary flicks make sure you know who is going to be there. Large crowds are not going to be into movies  like "Let The Right One In" or "The Omen" because the story takes a while to get into before the scares start happening.  A slasher movie is usually a good way to start because every one's adrenaline is usually high within the first few minutes.  "Scream" is a good example of  this because it starts off as something light and then becomes a lot more menacing and scary as the scene progresses. 

Do you have any suggestions when watching a movie.  Please leave them in the comments below.  I won't be posting much on this site in the next week, but keep a look out for  my reviews and articles  on  the  other sites I write for.   Thanks for reading.


  1. Last night for Halloween, I decided to see The Birds to close my month as it had to be seen at night. Plus, it was on HD and my mother saw the last 30 minutes of it as it's been some years since she's seen it. Hitchcock is always a good idea to watch for Halloween.

    1. Good choice with The Birds and seeing it at night. That movie does work best seeing it in the dark even though a lot of the more scarier scenes where set during the day. Thanks for the comments

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