Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Vern's quick review of Thor: The Dark World.

Thor: The Dark World.

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston
Writers: Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Don Payne,Robet Rodat
Director: Alan Taylor

* and a 1/2 out of four

The first movie felt almost like a super hero tale if it was told by William Shakespeare, but minus all of the real fancy language.  I say this mainly because of the themes involving fathers and sons. That and it was directed by Kenneth Branagh(with help by Joss Whedon) who has done a lot of adaptions by the bard.  Both Thor and Loki were abandoned by their father(Thor banished to earth for his behavior and Loki finding out that he will not get to be king at all) but only one of them learns from their situation and makes things better.  There was a great amount of character depth from both the hero and the villain that is sadly missing from this one.

Since we have already established Thor(Chris Hemsworth) as being the good guy who is no longer the same arrogant A-hole he was before.  I find that he no longer has any real obstacles to face.  Yes he has to fight evil and save the world but that's something he'll always have to do.  The guy is very strong and can take down big stone creatures with a freaking large hammer.  I don't think he'll be having any problems in that department.  Loki(Tom Hiddleston) was the main villain who helped destroy an entire city in "The Avengers".  Now for this movie, he is suddenly going to join up with his brother to take on the new bad guy.  Dude's been locked up for a long time, I don't buy that he is all of a sudden going to have a change of heart.  Speaking of which, the main bad guy's motivation in "Thor 2" is to get a device known as The Ether so he can help teleport items around different dimensions. There is one scene I swear was taken directly from "The Animatrix" in a short called "Beyond".  In it, a group of kids discover an abandoned building that hosts a bunch of strange phenomenon including items that can teleport.  The movie has Jane(Natalie Portman) and her fellow scientist Darcy(Kat Dennings) also discovering the same strange things at an abandon warehouse that I swear was shown to them by the same kids from the short.

Director Alan Taylor and cinematographer Kramer Morgenthau do a good job at opening up the world of Asgard more then the first film, and the action scenes are a bit better too.  I just could not get into them because of the generic story line.  We all know that Thor and Jane will somehow end up together, even though how they became romantic in the first one was badly written too.  The bad guy will achieve success for the whole movie until the very last second when our hero gets the upper hand.  The movie has moments that try to be dramatic like a lot of action films do, but they play them way too long to the point of overkill. 

In my review of "Thor" (which you can read by clicking the link).  I mention that the dialogue for this type of fantasy tale was better then I thought and there were moments that had some really great humor.  All of the jokes in this one fall flat as so does many of the lines giving.  There was not much of either drama or humor  in this one as there was in the first movie.  "Thor: The Dark World" seems to be nothing more then a cash grab to get people in their seats to see the next installment of "The Avengers" Phase 2.  I know I was happy when that end credit scene came on, but it had very little to do with the plot  itself.     I was surprised that this character got his own feature length movie and I'm even more surprised that he got a sequel.  After his origin has been established, he should have just stayed as a supporting character.


  1. Good review Vern. While the first is still a better movie in my mind, this one definitely didn't disappoint in the fun department. And to be honest, that's all I really wanted from this flick. Nothing else.

    1. That's very true Dan , and I wanted to have fun with this. I really did It was just too basic of a plot with little to no real character involvement to get support. Thanks for the comment

  2. I made a mistake in writing that the Ether the bad guys were after helps the teleporation between realms. That was the Convergence that does that. Still The Ether is just another device that has power and the bad guys want it. Sorry about that mistake

  3. I wasn't too excited about this to begin with. Sounds like maybe I should just stay that way. Carl at The Info Zombie didn't think much of it, either.

  4. Brandon. It's a fun Saturday matinee, but as a continuation of a franchise. It fails in my opinion. Thanks for the comment

  5. I saw the first one,and will probably see the second one.The franchise aint all bad really,But i remember recording it from tv and only watching it a few weeks ago,cause it simply doesnt make you jump of your chair to watch it in theatres or TV.Like i said,not bad,but thats all, and the reason why natalie portman still does it can only be financial.Not that i think oscar winning actresses should only do epic or very special movies.On the contrary,But Thor misses something and looking at other Marvel Comics adaptaions its way nehing Iron Man,Avengers Wolverine or X-man, however it is better then Green lantern,a movie only worth watching for blake lively legs.Cheers

    1. Cheers to you sir. Hope you and your site are doing well. Yeah The character of Thor is not bad, and I like seeing him in movies. I just dont think he needs his own sequel. Thanks for stopping by

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