Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tribute to Sam Rockwell on The As You Watch Podcast

Hello folks.

 It's been a while, but the podcast I co host with Nick of The Cinematic Katzenjammer and Joe of Two Dude Review is back for an all new brand season.  For this one we are doing a introspect of actors, and filmmakers that don't get a lot of recognition but we feel they should.  Our first episode is going to be about Sam Rockwell and the many movies he has appeared in. We do a good job at covering his filmography and go over some of his films in more detail. 

Click on the link below to visit the site and hear the show.  Thanks for listening.

Season 3, Episode 1: Sam Rockwell


  1. Hi The Vern!
    Did someone say Sam Rockwell? I knew there was something I really liked about you The Vern! Sam Rockin' Rockwell? Now that's one podcast I have to listen to! Thanks The Vern! And thanks for following my blog. Until next time...Keep those fires stoked!
    Eternally Yours

  2. Thanks for listening. Would like to have you on as a guest on a future episode

    1. Seriously? Whoa. Sorry it took me a couple of days to reply. I just came to. lol. Why, TheVern, I'd be honored. Just let me know. My 19 yr old daughter said I have to be eloquent and succinct, articulate and calm. haha. Maybe she should do it. jk. Thanks, TheVern. Ya pretty much made my week. Cause it pretty much sucked. Have a great holiday. And, like I always say...Keep those fires stoked!
      Eternally Yours

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