Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma is coming to The As You Watch Podcast.

Hello there movie watchers.

It's been a while since I posted anything on this site, and if you are still following it despite my lack in posts.  I greatly, greatly thank you.   The biggest news I'm excited to share with you fine folks is that Lloyd Kaufman himself will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The As You Watch Podcast. If your unsure of who this guy is.  He is one of the co founders of  Troma Studios and the creator of some great B-Movie gems.  Including ","The Toxic Avenger", "SGT Kabukiman: NYPD"and "Tromeo and Juliet". He will be on the show to talk about his latest feature "Return to Class of Nuke'Em High: Vol 1".  The man has worked in the industry for over 35 years and if you are looking to get into film making as a career.  It would be very wise to listen to the show.  My co-host for this very special show will be Alex Jowski from Geek Juice Media and I strongly urge readers to please check out the site and watch his Anti-Social Commentaries.  They are extremely well produced, and very funny.   If you have any questions you would like to ask Lloyd please email them to me at by Monday Dec 9th.  I will be back with another Troma Challenge as I look at the all singing and dancing.  "Cannibal! The Musical".  Have a great day.


  1. First time I jumped to the As You Watch This page. I definitely want to hear this one. Congrats on a great "get".

    1. Thank you Brandon. The interview will post a week after the next episode of As You Watch. Will let you know when it does


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