Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Debate. American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks.

The 70's crime feature "American Hustle" starring Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence hit theaters this past week.  As well as "Saving Mr. Banks".  The biopic of how Walt Disney got the rights to "Mary Poppins".   I have not had a chance to check out either feature. But that doesn't mean I should prevent you fine folks from checking out some great reviews by other talented writers. Each movie listed will have one positive review and one negative one.

American Hustle.

Steve Habrat of Anti Film School writes up a positive review of David O Russell's latest.

Over on Reel Talk.  Candice Frederick compares the movie to a sketch comedy routine.

Saving Mr. Banks.

The Cue Dot Confessions' Michael Scott writes a less then favorable review but does praise Emma Thompson's performance.

 Let's Go To The Movies has a big love of "Mary Poppins" and says lovers of that will enjoy this one.

Hope you enjoy the reviews, and please leave comments below with your own thoughts about each feature.  Thanks again for reading.


  1. The most entertaining segments find the author contending with all the California dreamin'. ... But it's easier to believe Hanks saving Private Ryan than saving Mr. Banks.

    1. LOL. That may be very true. Maybe Matt Damon should have appeared in this. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. American Hustle is beautifully, inventively constructed, and filled with rich performances that are perfectly calibrated to the offbeat tone [director David O.] Russell was going for.

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