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This is the place to find all of the articles that have been written on this blog.



An Open Letter To AMC Theatres.

An Open Letter to Tyler Perry

Diablo Cody and "The Evil Dead" remake

Director. David Fincher

Director: David O Russell

Don't be an asshole when you go to the movies

The Vern accepts The Liebster Award

Electronic Music Soundtracks Part 1

TheVern goes to Cannes 2011

TheVern's predictions about the documentary Bully


 Top 5 Worst Remakes Of All Time

TheVern's Awesomely Cool Top Ten Movie List

Top 10 Movies You May Have Missed

Nikki Nova's Top 25 Movies.

Top Ten Trailers of 2011

Best movies of 2011. Part 1

Best Movies of 2011. Part 2

Top Five Saddest Movie Scenes

1989: Best Summer Ever

Top Ten Best Opening Credit Sequences

The Vern's Top 4 Scariest Flicks

Top 10 Favorite Scenes in Movies: Part 1

Top 10 Favorite Scenes in Movies: Part 2: The Horror...The Horror

Top 10 Creepiest Music Videos

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2012

Top 10 Best Movies of 2012

Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac

Issue #1. includes quick reviews of "Stoker", "Oz: The Great and Powerful", and music videos by Metric, Santigold, and BabyMetal.

Issue #2.  Quick Reviews of "Jeff Who Lives at Home", "Head" Starring The Monkees, and music reviews I've written.

Issue #3. Quick Reviews of "Before Midnight", "The Bling Ring", "Friday The 13th Part 7", "CleanFlix", and "Bachlorette"

Issue #4.  Quick Reviews of "Much Ado About Nothing"(adapted by Joss Whedon), "Pacific Rim", "Now You See Me", "Star Trek Into Darkness", "The Great Gatsby"(adapted by Baz Lurhman,and "The Conjuring"

Issue #5  Fast Reviews of  "World War Z", "You're Next", "Seven Chances", "Other Men's Women", "April Grace", and "Potpourri"

Issue #6.   I'm back

Issue # 7.  Quick Reviews of "Expendables 2"  "The Brass Teapot", "In a World", "Bedazzled" (1967), "Rid of Me", "Dredd"(2012) 

Issue #8.  Mo Blogging Blues


Interview with Liz Manashil. Director of "Bread and Butter"

Interview with Norman Hollyn.   The Editor of "Heathers"

Interview with Joe Kawasaki.   The Director of "Reboot"

Interview with Jason Lapeyre.   The Director of "Cold Blooded"

Interview with Jessica Cameron .  The Director of "Truth or Dare"

Interview with Andrew Hutcheson, Kelsey Lynn Stokes, Steve White. The Cast and Director of "April Grace"

Interview with Lloyd Kaufman    The Co Founder of  Troma Studios